Do I fluke my first sale?

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I have been playing with Bing PPC and Clickbank/Maxbounty for a couple of weeks now. Experimenting with ads and different products. Until last week I had plenty of clicks but 0 sales.

Last week I logged into my Maxbounty account as I do every morning to see that I had finally got my first sale. After converting my commision to AU dollar it was a $130 commission off $2 worth of PPC clicks. WOW was I happy, what a great feeling to know that this actually can work, and such a HUGE commission. However I had only been promoting this product for about 2 days and only had paid for a few clicks in bing which got me thinking that this may have been a fluke.

My campaign has a quality score of 10/10 and I am bidding on 2 very targeted keywords and direct linking. Since then I have had another 20 clicks or so without any sales. I have increased keyword bid to try and get a better position. At this stage all of my profits I will be reinvesting to try and really get the hang of this PPC and try and make a regular side income from it. I would only have to get one of those sales every couple of weeks to be happy.

So I guess im wondering, have others that use bing PPC and affiliate offers experienced these lucky one off sales? Should I really go for it and bid as high as I can, create more adds with more keywords to the same product and see what happens?
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    Congrats on your 1st sale, if understand your question right...

    You are totally expecting too much from what done so far. Meaning some clicks will convert immediately and some of those later and a lot will never buy at all, so if only spent a couple bucks and within a few clicks got a sale, great. but you need to send more traffic at it till know actual conversion. If only sent 20 clicks now, you have to send way more to start seeing conversions and tracking. Like said, now and then the 1st or 2nd click may buy, but most will never buy.

    The easiest is the "100 click or traffic test", basically every 100 hits or clicks you get x sales, then as bring more traffic, can average your out of 100 better. Key is to get as targeted as possible and go after "buyer" keywords.

    You definitely want to run 2 with ads to test at 1st, then start tweeking and adjusting from there. Start small, then ramp up once tested, tweeked and profitable.
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    That's far too little data for any meaningful assumptions. Of course you can be happy you got a conversion so quickly - that always helps keep the spirits up. But as far as determining if it will be a successful campaign in the long-run it is meaningless right now. You will need many more impressions/clicks/and conversions (or lack of) to determine if you are on the right track or not and what to change and test. Do what you need to do to get more traffic to collect sufficient data (or if you're in no hurry you can just let it sit and wait until your current ad campaign gets enough data). Don't just throw money at it though based on one early conversion.
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      Thanks for the replies. For now I will focus on getting more traffic/clicks to the offer to determine if the offer is going to be successful.
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    Congrats on your first sale and glad you did so with MaxBounty!

    Your sample size is a little too small to start drawing conclusions that can be considered accurate. How many clicks have you had total? If you continue to get clicks but find that conversions aren't coming in as well, you might have to start testing new options. This could include changing the keywords you're targeting, using a landing page (if applicable) instead of direct linking to the offer, or even choosing a different campaign all together. The more testing you do the more you'll be able to determine what works and what doesn't, getting you closer to optimizing your strategy and bringing in consistent conversions.

    Hope this helps a bit. If you need some additional assistance feel free to ask your MaxBounty AM. If you need help reaching them you can shoot me a PM.

    Cheers and good luck!
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