Is This a Good Way to Get PPC Clients? Partnerships

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Hello Warriors,

I started working for a PPC advertising company recently.

What We Are Trying
We have been cold calling potential customers, limo companies.

Most of this companies don't have a budget for PPC adverstising and if they do it's usually $1000/month.

Partnerships ?
I have been thinking about partnering with graphic design companies since a company that has a budget for graphic design might have a budget for advertising since they are investing in graphics so they are intended to get the graphics ROI.

Is this a Good Idea?
What do you think? Is this a good idea? If it is, what kind of "deals" we I try to cut with them.?

I have came up with a few ideas?
1. We give them cookies and coffee (kidding)?
2. A percent of the first 3 months? What makes sense?
3. Create an affiliate program for agencies? Is there a web service for this?

Any other ideas to consider please add your 2 cents.

Thank you

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    Couple of things.. one is you can try a local SEO to gain some confidence with them..

    Other than that you can also suggest some 2nd tier search engine which you can promote their offers within a budget of 1000$...

    Alternatively, if you done some certifications, that can also help
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    I have had a few relationships like that in the past where designers have sent me marketing, ppc, seo or direct response copy clients and when had clients that needed a revamp or a new site, threw them his way. A win/win.

    Also had a few "incentives" and relationships out there, where would throw commissions or some cash at them for referrals. If they need a site, they need leads and if they needs leads, they need sales and have sales, need to make more money from those customers and new leads and so on and so on...

    You want it to be a natural progression and make it a win/win for everyone. If you set up one or two good relationships, it's an easy way to have some consistent (and hopefully big) projects coming your way.
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    im also trying to do something similar. No success so far.
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    Yes,sometime you can apply but not everytime.
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    I find it rarely works. You may have 1 or 2 successors but you need to build these relationships over time.

    I have also always found cold calling generates very average results for PPC.

    The best clients are ones who feel you are an authority in their area. Thats right.. not your field (PPC).. their field (limos, dentists, finance etc etc).

    One thing I would suggest is learning about a niche and writing up a solution sheet and target key players in that niche, showing you know your stuff and you know their business. That way you can charge properly for your services.

    All the other ways turns you into a commodity.. because how many PPC companies are cold calling? Most of them. How many are coming with a tailored and industry solution? Not that many.

    Its not easy but thats how we have build our agency.
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    We have some advertisers but we run desktop ad platform, is it possible for us to corporate?
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