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Something I noticed I hadn't before so not sure if this is relatively very new or not.

In the top ad positions on the left, I'm seeing Google frequently appending the advertiser's domain onto the title instead of appending Line 1 of the text ad. This is concerning for a couple reasons:

(a) The second line of the ad in those positions is the display URL which also contains the advertisers domain name and therefore if the domain name is already in the title, makes the display URL look very redundant in most cases (and therefore unecessary).

(b) The visibility of line 1 of the ad becomes far more obscure, relegated to small text in line 3 of the ad instead of large text in the title.

Why is this happening and can the advertiser control it and prevent it from happening?
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  • Google has been doing that for at least two years. In fact, Google has always been testing new and different ways to show ads. I've heard they have tested 200 different things in a year. Most will be subtle and go unnoticed. As an advertiser, you cannot control any of it.
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    Even Google hasn't documented this in detail but someone figured it out...
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  • All Google ever said was that a punctuation is needed at the end of the first description line for this to trigger. To me, that meant either a period, an exclamation point or question mark.

    I've never tested with a comma because I don't typically write ads that way and it would not make sense most of the time since that means the second line is really part of the first. I can see where Google's thinking could be the same. But just because you don't see your ads extended when using a comma, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

    As for a hyphen, again, I don't create ads that way as it would be weird although it might produce good results when it is not extended to the title as per the poster's 6th example.

    His last point in #9, I've never seen and is something I haven't considered. I don't recall Google saying anything about it. I've always believed that it affected only the last punctuation mark. This can affect some of my ads so I'll keep it in mind.
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