What are the best methods to market a new website?

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I have website (not yet up) that will come out where you can log on and play some games against other players on the web for free. I want to see if the games are good enough to maintain interest, and thus if enough people really are interested in signing up for free, see if there is a market for it for a small cost.

Anyhow, initially, all I want to do is get the word out to see if people want to try it out for free. I don't want to do anything like spamming or things like that, and I do have money to spend on marketing ideas if that is the best way. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
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    Try marketing that on Facebook or YouTube. It sounds like Facebook is a great place to market and advertise in your situation.
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    Well! your Idea is quite appreciable. Many users play online games and If you want to promote your website then you can start marketing it on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Add your website to an associated gaming marketing website with proper screenshots.

    To increase the visibility of your website in Search engines you can start the SEO process. SEO services are available at affordable cost.
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    Video marketing like YouTube is an effective traffic. Create your video content like video game commentator and promote your video via social media. If you have a lot of Facebook friends or Twitter followers, post your video on your social media pages and then ask your social media contacts to click on the link and give it a thumbs up. And join to forum that related to game topic, make helpful comments and add useful posts. Attached your website link in signature.
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      This is pretty common question to almost every newbie with anew website to lock in traffic.this will depend on the type of traffic that you want and therefore the products.That aside,the most sustainable form of traffic is the organic traffic which you can generate through SEO.

      Post a highly optimized article to your website to rank higher in the search engines for the free traffic.

      Make comments on blog posts and internet forums like this.people seeking solutions will reach out to your web link and to enjoy the free traffic from the search engines through the forums.

      You may allow guest blogging into your website as a means to generate unique content.

      Make your website blog interactive.

      Thank you.


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    Social media is the best place to promote this kind of website.When people signup for free make sure to get a like or share of your website in social media.You can force them to do that if you like.(Ex - Can't access a particular game without a like or share).
    Also you can run a game contest. Give some prize away to the best gamer.That will kick start your popularity.
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    Try marketing with google ads or bing ads. Also, you can use back links.
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    If your site has to do with casual games I would try twitter ads. Write and Promote Some Tweets!
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    The best ways to drive traffic to your website is via email, PPC, social media & SEO.
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    Drive traffic is to promote your website. Way1, SEO is the key point which needs you to optimize the keywords. Way 2, link exchange. You can look for some links which are related to your business. Way 3, put ads. PPC is the good way. You only need to pay for the valid ad click. For desktopad dot com as example, your banner and pop up ads, it is showing your brand, and if there is one click, you get traffic.
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    One of the members commented below that you can utilize Youtube as a traffic source. I certianly agree with that statement as YT is a major traffic source for gamers. FB is another good option where in you could create a fan page for the product you are planning to target. Paid traffic is another good option but only and if you have the budget but beware you won't be in profit at the start as it all comes down to testing.
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    I would definitely do Facebook marketing since it is much cheaper than AdWords and can target the very audience related to your site.
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    the beat way to market new website is by SMM in fb, g+, linkedin etc
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    There are lot of ways you can try to market your website -
    1. Make it useful - in terms of usability and functionality. Give your users something wonderful and something bigger than your competitors.
    2. Do SEO of the website. Use your targeted keywords in your content and start doing SEO activities. It's always good having organic traffic.
    3. Use social media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora are best!
    4. Use marketing modules like Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising.
    5. Email to your past customers, friends and family about your new website. Tell them to spread the word.
    5. Try to use OOH activities if you can.
    6. Do blogging to get extra traffic.

    Best of luck
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      I think fieverr is a good idea too!
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    try billboard ads ~
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    Create a Facebook Fan Page to build up your brand for online games.
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    There is various techniques available on the market today, but I strongly recommend you to go with these techniques.

    1. Search Engine Optimization
    2. Internet Marketing like PPC
    3. Social Media Minimization (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
    4. Video Marketing
    5. Email Marketing

    I thinks these techniques are enough to help you generate traffic and awareness for your website in short time.
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    Google AdWords and display advertising placed on competitors' websites.
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    i would say its social medias
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    You can promote your new website through SMM or SMO as it is the best method for promotion & driving traffic towards your website.
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    Start a blog on the site and write about gaming. Try tips and tricks banner ads also be a good idea to promote it most important use a website analytics program (see signature) to monitor the traffic and rinse and repeat
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    Google+ and Facebook are really effective for promoting a new website. You can manage social networks as many as possible because you will find a huge traffic there. The most important thing is that you have to use your keyword while sharing your posts on various social platforms.

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    If you need to promote a new website, you would try the most traditional way-Advertising. SEO/PPC ad is the better way. As they can help you attract more traffic. For PPC, desktopad team provides ads in desktop apps and it is paid with CPC. Anyway, most of desktop apps are Game apps. If your company need game players, you can contact us. Private message inbox is waiting for you.
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      I would work out what your keywords are. You should know them and get writing to drive traffic back to your website, publish articles where you can and, do guest blogging and leave relevant comments on peoples site, also find a forum that is relevant to your website that is where your clients hang out and start off posting relevant stuff to help people before promoting your website to help these people as that should be your first step. Also youtube is a another quck way to drive traffic back to your website. Good luck
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    Promote Your Site in Online Forums and Discussion Lists — “old school” social media. The Internet offers thousands of very targeted email based discussion lists, online forums, and groups made up of people with very specialized interests. But be sure to include your URL in any display or classified ads you purchase in trade journals, newspapers, yellow pages, etc.
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    If you decide to give PPC a try, I would suggest to set up a campaign with Bing, I had clicks for gaming niche as low as $0.01 per click.

    Other PPC networks such as FB, Adwords ,YT Ads would be way more expensive. It all comes down to how much you make per visitor to calculate how much you can spend to acquire new visitors..
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    Originally Posted by Bigsandysuperstore View Post

    I have website (not yet up) that will come out where you can log on and play some games against other players on the web for free. I want to see if the games are good enough to maintain interest, and thus if enough people really are interested in signing up for free, see if there is a market for it for a small cost.

    Anyhow, initially, all I want to do is get the word out to see if people want to try it out for free. I don't want to do anything like spamming or things like that, and I do have money to spend on marketing ideas if that is the best way. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance
    optimal support tool especially facebook , google and instagram is indispensable , we will support you to introduce products to many players. We will give you an optimal solution . Pm idskype- luongdoanh90
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    You can marketing on Aff marketing or Facebook anh Youtube.
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    Getting a new website up and running is almost never a smooth process. There are many myths about how to promote a website.

    Devid Web
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    Try to make a Facebook page and use facebook ads, but there's an important thing is that your website must be an attractive website, because what's the thing that will attract the visitor or the user to visit your website, are the games new? are they funny?
    all these questions you must answer them by putting them in a sheet of paper and make it on your laptop to memorize these ideas in your mind.
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    You need to make a branding for your website. There are so many ways to promote your website online. you have to go towards paid marketing to make a branding of your website. Adwrods advertising or PPC Pay per click services is the best Idea for branding.

    There are two ways in PPC marketing for promotion - Search marketing & Display marketing.

    You can choose any one of them. It`ll be better if you hire a PPC company for online branding to your website in a best way.
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    Some great Ideas here! I will use these for my website too!

    !LoVeGaMiNg! Video Game Store

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    I would try Favebook ads. You can really target people that way. Also, try display ads. Gamers are very graphical oriented. And as always measure -->improve. If you aren't measuring, you are wasting.
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    Use social media and if time is limited then paid seo is also good.
    For free seo use genuine unique articles, social bookmarking, blogging, forum, image optimization, video syndication etc.
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    Social Media Sites, Youtube, Search engines are the best platform where you can promote your website in a better way to get instant visibility of your targeted customers without putting much effort on it.
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    You can take your first step by making more followers on Social Networking Websites, The most famous websites are of course you already know about them like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest so on.
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    Promote it on social networks and also hire a designer to create an attractive banner for your website. Promote your banner on similar niche top websites or you can advertise on any gaming ad network.
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    Hi, this question often asked by new members. As other members mentioned that Social Media is the best source to generate the traffic for your website, specially if its new, because so many users used social media platfor daily.
    In social media i first recommend Twitter. This is the dominant democracy of the social-sharing economy. Relevancy, personality and brevity are the keys to making your voice heard. Millions of users daily visits Twitter Another platform is Instagram, which invites brands with visual content into their customers’ zone-out time. Create and post content accordingly.
    If you asked result oriented platform, so its Facebook, consider advertising or paying to promote your page on Facebook, but don’t make your brand’s Facebook page itself look like an advertisement. Inspire conversations and shares – and be sure to ask questions.
    Of all social networks, Facebook is best equipped to linearly share responses to a post asking a question or sparking conversation. Answers then appear in friends of your respondents, spreading the conversation.

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    Paid marketing that is best option to new website generating good ROI.
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    Inbound marketing must be the best way! Firstly with organic traffic and then advertising to get paid traffic. I guess, SEO, social media optimization on a regular basis can boost up traffic, but email marketing and PPC would be the best to get targeted traffic and covert them into leads! Before all, you must go through proper conversion optimization on the landing page of your website!
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    You can try social media marketing, Search engine marketing and search engine optimization.
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    Here some ways to market your website:
    1. Search engine optimization
    2. Blogging and guest blogging
    3. Pay per click (PPC)
    4. Facebook ads
    5. YouTube
    6. Email marketing
    7. Social media
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    1. Do on-site and off-site SEO.
    2. Blogging and Guest Posting
    3. PPC Internet advertising
    4. Facebook ads
    5. Youtube Marketing
    6. Email Marketing
    7. Word of mouth (forums/Facebook fan pages, etc.)
    8. Social Media
    9. Building Brand Awareness Online
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