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Hi Friends,

Without Website or Blog use,

How to sell clickbank products through Google by PPC

Can you explain about this...?
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    It's not a good idea to try to take shortcuts. Although you can direct link if the product and landing page match all of adwords policies, you will not be in control of that page, which can change at any time. You will be liable for it even though you didn't make the changes. Make your own page or you put your account at risk. That's in addition to the fact that very few clickbank landing pages meet adwords guidelines and some products are specifically prohibited from being advertised at all.
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    There's a 99.99% chance you're going to get banned by AdWords if you do the way you described above.

    Google AdWords just doesn't really like Clickbank in general. Even for those who say, 'Oh! but this vendor's page looks like it fulfills all of Google Adwords requirements, so they shouldn't ban me'.

    Always remember.... the entire network is owned by Google and the choice whether they want to ban you is still largely in their court. I strongly you recommend not to do that (e.g. promote Clickbank offers through AdWords without a landing page. Even with a landing page, there are many instances where Google still dislikes that. True, there are people who don't get penalized, but remember that if 99% of people who do a certain method get penalized, are you going to risk to be that 1%? Not a smart business move )
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    It is extremely dangerous to promote clickbank products, especially with direct linking. It is mush safer with Bing.

    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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    Originally Posted by PGM Sameera View Post

    Without Website or Blog use,

    How to sell clickbank products through Google by PPC
    If you are looking to promote a Clickbank product via PPC...

    I highly, highly, highly recommend you go with Bing.
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    not a whole lot you can do with promoting a clickbank or even JVZoo product without a website...It is possible with Google PPC; but, I wouldn't recommend linking to the clickbank product directly (besides that Google may not approve the ad). Instead, you would need to create a custom landing page along with a free website domain name. Sign up for GetResponse email service where you can also create a free landing page through their builder tab. Your going to basically promote that landing page with whatever your offering (a course, free ebook, etc.) in exchange for their email address which you can promote your clickbank product at the end of each email. That's how I would do it!
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    As far my knowledge goes, In recent update, Bing also says that destination and display url has to be same. So now you cannot use affiliate link directly without using LP or face the consequence.
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    Without actually buying hosting and no blog building. You could get leadpages and build a larger page. They have a couple of Adwords Ready Templates so technically Adwords should accept the pages. But I have not tried this method.
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