Exclude Search Location Intent Not in Campaign Location Target?

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In looking through the search terms report, I am finding clicks for search terms that included a location name outside of the target location setting for the campaign. So for example let's say I am targeting the phrase match "plumbing service" and the campaign location setting is for the city of Seattle, WA, USA. My ad is displayed if someone types "san francisco plumbing service" who is located in Seattle (maybe they are looking for service for a rental home or a relative who lives in San Francisco.) But my ad will also show up if someone who is NOT located in Seattle, types "Seattle Plumbing Service" due to the search term intent being for Seattle.

If Google is able to determine a location intent, why can't there be a filter that is the converse in which if there is a location intent other than the location setting area (like San Francisco), then exclude displaying the ad!

If this is not a function it leaves very poor options to address the issues such as:

(a) enter city names in negative keyword matching for all cities in the United States

(b) Change from phrase match to exact match only for all keywords - not really realistic

Is there a better way?
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