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I don't know what is the first step of PPC. I want to know more detail about PPC & it's usage. Which type of method include it & how to do it.

Please guide me step by step...
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    Go perform a Google search, there are lots of tutorials if you want to DIY. If you need professional help then hire a PPC company.
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    1) Get A Bing Account
    2) Make A website that either collects emails or promotes an affiliate product... you can use Leadpages
    3) Setup Bing Campaign and drive traffic to your website
    4) Hopefully... Profit
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  • That is very simple you can visit google ad words account and pay to google and run your campaign.
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    I would suggest you to google a little more information before starting. What you can also do is to create Adwords/Bing account and look what is in there.
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    Google adward is best option for PPC
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    I think google adwords are the best ppc .
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    If you do not have much knowledge about PPC, you had better take a class for it or learn from some netoworks or contacts desktopad dot com. It runs desktop PPC very well.
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    Originally Posted by sophiarivera07 View Post

    I don't know what is the first step of PPC. I want to know more detail about PPC & it's usage. Which type of method include it & how to do it.

    Please guide me step by step...
    You can get your answer by google. Or you can also refer any of the PPC Management Company in India
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    Read about it on blogs, watch PPC related tutorial videos, etc. You'll get more information that way.
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    First research your competitors PPC markting and than finalize your keywords than make your budget according to your keyword and go to Google Adwords here you can stepup you adds step by step.
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    first you need to know how is a PPC (pay per click campaign).
    after that choose one to start. The best are:

    Facebook Ads
    Google AdWords (somebody use bing ads instead Adwords because is cheaper)

    you need a very complete guide, after that you need a bit of practice.

    Don t start with a big amount of dollars, my advice is to start with 50$ and then invest more!

    Good job!

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      There are a lot of caviats to your question and a lot assumptions in the previous replys...

      #1. Are you looking to leverage PPC for an existing website you own? Or is it a new site? - You should start by setting up a Google webmaster account and getting your site verified per their process.

      #2. Do you have a particular target market / theme for your site. The multiple PPC companies will be asking this, and the more details you can provide them the better.

      #3. No one mentioned that most all PPC companies today will require that you have an existing base of unique IP hits per month to even qualify for their programs. Here's where I agree with checking the fine print and details of a PPC prior to applying.

      #4. Yes, Adwords is the giant freaking elephant of PPC, however there are alternatives. New ones emerge daily.

      Hope this was somewhat informative, and good luck.
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    I am trying this! Hope this helps!
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    Have a look at YouTube for videos on PPC. I don't know what your budget is but if you are willing to spend some money I have just purchased IproAcademy by Fred Lam and it is very detailed regarding PPC on Google, FB and Bing.

    For more IM tips and strategies check out:


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    Ppc is not a simple out to profiting. it requires some investment and duty to make a crusade gainful.

    You don't need to be a duplicate essayist or actually minded to profit on the web. As opposed to smoldering through money on PPC to begin with, I would put your cash in a system like affiloblueprint, or Affilojetpack to begin, and take in the fundamentals. At that point once you are profiting, begin attempting ppc.
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    Hello Sophia

    Normally if you are doing competitor keywords you start with 300 - 500 keywords and track them all. then you learn what keywords are converting and for similar keywords that convert well create an ad group. that way you will be optimising. in a perfect world you should be having 1 keyword one ad group but since that is not possible we lump similar keywords together.

    Then we can use dynamic texts on ad titles and all that to get some decent CTR to improve the cost.

    You will then end up with only converting keywords and converting ads. and that could be just 10 keywords that is giving you 80% of the success. the rest of the keywords you should then remove and concentrate on the high converting keywords.

    Mostly starters fail coz they expect immediate success which does not happen. Often the first campaign makes losses but its optimisation that the loosing campaign will make some decent profits. The other part which beginners dont do is to track and if you dont track it is impossible to make a PPC campaign profitable.

    Maybe you will not believe me but at the Moment I am using only 1 keyword that is giving me all the profit and traffic.

    So PPC is as easy or as difficult as that.

    1. Spend 80% of your time in doing proper research to understand your audience and derive the angles.
    2. Use the angles on Your Landing pages and related keywords to that.
    3. Track your Campaigns.
    4. Optimise split test.
    5. Scale.

    Hope this helps you Sophia
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    Hi Sophia,

    As others have said, Google and Bing are both good options. Bing is usually cheaper. Both Google and Bing have great training which are worth going through. There's also PPC with Facebook ads.

    Also, Google "PPC platforms" for more understanding.

    And be sure to use keywords in your ads.
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    Thanks you so much for your reply
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    Hi, Sophia.

    If you want to gain much more knowledge about PPC then go for Youtube Pay per Clicks Video Tutorials. Where you can find lots of video regarding PPC & learn theoretically by watching this.
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    Adwords is the best PPC network, no doubt, but it's a bit pricy especially for beginners. I suggest you go with Bing and FB retargeting.
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