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by Munyez
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Hey fellas

I am targeting tourists in Prague for segway tours and having a small disaster.
The ads look fine and I am targeting "people travelling in this location"
My CTR is 0.5%-1% on average (lowest is 0.19%)

What am I doing wrong?

Here are some of my ads and metrics

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    Hmmmmm id make it more about the experience than a discount....and ur text tlkas about things being unsafe and stuff.....what about....

    - see more of prague in a day
    - well take you to parts of praugue you never new exhisted
    - discover the history of prauge with an exclusive segway tour
    - want to see prauge in a unique way? Lets make a story your friends will love to hear...

    anyways just a few ideas - dont just scream SIGN UP SIGN UP DISCOUNT! thats what everyone tried and it fails - what about a headline like...

    Why is Sagway the best way to see prague?
    Take a trip through history on the future of travel

    Just a couple thoughts - cheers man and good luck

    Work smart, work hard, never give up. Learn with me here: http://www.joelraitt.com

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    The disaster continues.
    I am getting 1$ per click. Very frustrating

    Here are some of my ads

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    any more input will be appreciated
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    • You are looking at this with the wrong perspective,
      your CPC, CTR, etc doesn't matter.

      What matters is how much money you are getting out
      vs the money you are putting in.

      You are focusing on getting cheap clicks instead of conversions,
      you don't take cheap clicks to the bank, so don't focus on those.

      Are you getting conversions? How the process works? Do they
      need to travel to Prague to get the Segway? If so...

      Why no target people who are recently there instead of traveling there?

      And make your copy more ''spicey''

      Don't say juicy red apples
      Do say mouth-watering, sugar-sweet, hand-picked apples

      Don't say drink cleaner water
      Do say enjoy pure, crystal-clear, glacier-fresh water

      Get the point? Read Cashvertising, it will change your perspective

      What places will they go? What they are going to get on those places? What's in
      there for them? Why they are reading your ad? What are the benefits?
      What do you want them to do right after reading the ad?

      Use that to make your copy better, you are doing good
      on asking questions within your ad, but they need a reason
      ''why'' they need to get your service.

      Also, this is just for the FB ad, what happens after they click is
      another thing you have to take in consideration.
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    YES it is true.
    Cost per click is less important if you make good conversions in sales $$$$
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    Good advice so far.

    Your copy needs an overhaul. But the first thing you need to improve is your images.

    Images are the #1 thing people respond to in Facebook ads. Yours are bad.

    They look "stock", they don't stand out, and they imply that people interested in discovering Prague are socially awkward nerds. Now, if your target audience is socially awkward nerds, disregard that last part.

    Aside from that, think about how the image flows. It should lead the eye of the viewer to your CTA.

    The colors, the angles, the direction the people in the image. All of it should funnel the viewers eyes toward your CTA.

    Everything in your ad (image and copy) should be selling the benefits of discovering prague.
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    To add to what I wrote. I think the second image is going in the right direction. It looks more "real" and friends having fun.

    To improve it, maybe find a beautiful area in Prague. Not just beautiful, I mean UNBELIEVABLY beautiful. It should have colors that stand out. If someone is scrolling down their feed in Facebook, you have just a couple seconds to catch their eye. Bright colors work best.

    So maybe colors at a festival, or interesting architecture and colors, maybe a night market, or a natural landscape. Whatever would attract your audience but something extremely colorful and/or interesting. The picture can't be just "good". It has to be AMAZING.

    Split test two pictures to see which gets the best response.
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    People do not travel for discounts, people travel for experience.

    Sure, once they discover you they would love the discount. But initially you should sell them experience.

    And change the pictures to something that looks gorgeous, natural and like a tremendous amount of fun.

    Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value - Albert Einstein

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    Appreciate the feedback guys, I am launching a new campaign soon.
    Any more advises?
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