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I am student. I want to earn money beside my study. That is why, I decided to earn money from internet. Actually I want to earn money from PPC. But I can not find any trusted website. Does anyone know about trusted PPC website? If anyone know about this, please reply me here. Thanks.
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    Google AdSense is the best PPC advertising network online
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    If you have desktop/Mac apps, desktopad dot com can help you monetize them more. You can get $0.1 per ad click on average. It depends on your app daily active users.
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    AdSense is one of the most profitable but high requirements.
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    PPC is the waste of time and it is a small profit. I recommend to register on any freelancer site such as freelancer or odesk and try to find any simple job.
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  • PPC can burn your money in a few time. I suggest you to use Bing network. Adsense is the best, but it is expensive
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    ppc adsense yes I think the best, you choose what HPK niche. if I play at home niche, wedding and fashion .. I do not play SEO and backlink but I can get hundreds to thousands of visitors (wallpaper site)
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    I agree with dragansk . There is no way to earn big bucks from PPC unless you put a lot of efforts including time to get referrals and spent money to invest into the website.
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    Use Bing Ads this is also better for marketing

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    Build a decent site and monetise it with CPA offers. There are lots of networks out there and you don't have the risk of an AdSense or PayPal ban destroying your entire online business.
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    Google adsense I think the best, let's try it.
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    But what do you exactly mean by earning money from PPC? Showing PPC ads in your sites or enrolling one of those "earn money clicking ads" programs?


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    u can build a blog site ...and apply for Google adsense... to earn money
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