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I have recently signed up for Bing Ads Account and have come to know that there are many people whose accounts have been disabled for using coupons or for providing incomplete or wrong information.

After studying some cases I understand that bing ads accounts are scrutinized by Bing Ads Staff at the time when first campaign is launched and it seems accounts are closed forever even for minor issues and reason for closure is never disclosed to people.

I may be wrong in this understanding but it's that what I have concluded after studying several similar cases.

I am not interested in using coupons but still have some confusion in filling some areas of forms and I want my account NOT to be closed just for some clerical mistakes.

So please assist me in the following areas pertaining to basic information:

1) Wheel on upper right corner inside Bing Ads Accounts > Accounts and billing.
"Accounts" tab:

I mentioned "none" against Company's name and now here my Account name is mentioned as "none".
Can I mention a better name here or "none" has to be there?

2) "Customer" under Accounts tab:

Company name: none
Business Phone: No company so no business phone. Ok?
Industry: N/A. Ok?
Country or Region and Address: No company so no address. Ok?

3) "Users" Tab:

Only I have to use this account.
Should I fill this form?
If yes then:
These days I am not attached with any work place, job etc.
So, what should be mentioned against Work Phone?

And in address fields is work place's address required or my residential?
If work place's address is required then I have no address to mention here but if my personal address is required then is it fine to provide exact postal address of my home here?

Can a P.O.Box also work here?

How do they verify this address?

4) My Settings > User Information:

Here questions are same about work phone and address as mentioned above in point No.3.

Hope to receive response from warriors.

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    Thanks for this information.

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    Hi, thanks for the post. Exactly what I need.
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    From my experience using Bing, you do not need to be a company. An individual is fine, just be truthful about the information (your name, home address, telephone contact).

    Bing staff are very helpful and patient in helping you resolve issues, as long as you are not out to abuse the system.

    Hope this helps.

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  • It always amazes me that people will put so much effort in trying to game a system in order to get something for free instead of building up their business.

    Coupons: one per account. If you keep closing and opening accounts just to use coupons and get free advertising, what do you think they are going to say and do? The ad networks are not there to provide you with free advertising. Coupons are meant to get you to use the system initially at a lower risk. You want to continue advertising on the system, great. Follow the rules. Just don't expect to get it for free.

    There's no business I know that will take a credit card and give you the product or service before it has been verified. I think a lot of people are trying to do just that, give any information and they'll get what they bought. Doesn't work like that.

    I used to work for a call centre for Best Buy and a common problem was credit cards. The information given on the site has to match exactly what the CC company has. It's easy to mistype things or omit some things. If you live on Main Street and told the CC company that, I believe you need to enter that information on the site exactly as you provided the CC. So entering "St." instead of "Street" may cause a problem.

    Often, people move and don't tell the CC company. They could give a different phone number. This happened to me often. The buyer was at work and gave their work number when they needed to enter their home number which the CC had.

    Accounts are not likely to be closed for such mistakes. Just correct them. But if you have shown you will seemingly try to defraud them, then they will shut you down. This includes trying to open different accounts in order to do what is called double serving, an attempt to show more than one ad for the same site or the same company.

    So enter your information correctly. It says company name, enter your name there and all pertinent information. This will have to match what the CC has in file. Otherwise, you just won't have a working account.
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      Thank you very much webbizgold and LucidWebMarketing for taking time to reply and for providing this useful information
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