Low ROI Top 5 Pos Keywords - Lower Bids or Turn Off?

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We all know CTR goes down with average position. Let's say the ROI isn't high enough to justify bids high enough to get you in the top 5 ot 6 positions. Is it best to pause the keywords or just live with the ads appearing on the side near the bottom of the page?

On one hand, you still a chance (although small) of getting clicks that lead to conversions. On the other hand, if you have a lot of keywords appearing in low CTR positions, that's going to bring your average CTR down and Google is going to prefer to show ads with higher CTR.

Does CTR effect add placement only indirectly by it's effect on Quality Score and if so, I would assume (or at least hope) that Google QS formula uses an "position adjusted" CTR rank relative to other competitors who have advertised in the same position. So although showing your add at position 6 is going to have a low CTR and bring your average CTR down, if it is above the average CTR of other advertisers advertising at 6, then it should IMPROVE QS not decrease it, right?
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  • QS is position adjusted as you put it. It wouldn't make sense if it was not since as we all know, CTR changes based on position.

    You seem to have the idea behind QS correct. The main component is your CTR compared to competitors (for that keyword) taking into account position.

    What you fail to realize is that every ad will have lower CTR in lower positions. Say you have three competitors, one with a great ad (meaning getting higher CTR), one an average ad and the last a very poor ad. For any position, the CTR of each will still be above average, average and below average. That won't change just because the positions are different.

    The below average ad will not outperform the above average one a significant number of times at any position. It doesn't happen that way. A poor ad is a poor one no matter where it shows and QS reflects that.
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      Yes Lucid is completely right. You reasoning is wrong since QS is mainly based on the CTR you get depending of the average position.

      You can have a great QS with low budget if you beat the market everytime in term of CTR on your average position.

      So my advice would be, keep your keywords if they are generating revenue but keep improving your ads. You might end up one day one position higher with the same budget.
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