Quick question about using Facebook retargeting vs PerfectAudience

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Hi guys...

Just wondering: let's say I have a website, and I want do to retargeting (remarketing) to its visitors by showing them ads about my website, whenever these visitors visit their Facebook account.

I have 2 options for the retargeting:

a. Putting Facebook pixel on my website, so that people will see ads of my website when they go to Facebook

b. Putting PerfectAudience (or any other 3rd party retargeting platforms) pixel on my website, so that people will see ads on my website when they go to Facebook

Which one is the better way? a or b? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?
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    I believe AdRoll would be a much wiser decision if you want to use marketing agency. However, I should suggest you using facebook, because it has a better payments system, also you will not be charged for additional features etc. And there is a bit more options and stats I should say.
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    if you are looking to promote an offer, then you should consider perfect audience or sitescout as they have less strict rules and you can get your offer not only on facebook but also on thousands of other sites.
    but if you are looking to retarget only people that visited your website then go with facebook as it's much better than using the advance stuff on those networks that comes at a cost of course.

    adroll is another option but it has more strict rules and it's hard to promote affiliate products in there.
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    The targeting options and conversion tracking are much better in Facebook than Perfect Audience. I use both but I use PA for super simple web retargeting.

    Facebook custom audiences are where it's at! So much you can do with them, tons of controll and great reporting.

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