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Why my adsense account CPC is decreasing earlier it was increasing and decreasing but now from some days its still low so anybody can help me on this matter so that i can increase CPC Amount?
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    It might be due to no of ad units. If you have increased no of ad units on single page then your CPC will be lower. Keep only 2 ads on a single page but at right spot to increase cpc as well as earnings!

    Good Luck!

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    You can get good suggestion for google help center.
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    It could be due to a number of things...

    1) A change in traffic? Maybe you've started getting more traffic from smaller countries?
    2) Changes in your ad formats. Did you change your ads from text/image to only image, or only text? They recommend allowing both for maximum earnings.
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      Originally Posted by weddingsparklerstore View Post

      Yes this is right, Comment about adsence.

      Thank you
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    Suggest you to ask for professional help from Google center.
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    It depends on different factors from keywords to targeted countries try to monetize your ad unit and make a check on type of traffic on your website.
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  • its all depend on your content because some time you add content which is not related with advertise so google not deliver proper advertise in your ads that's why cpc going up and down.

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    There can be many different causes for the decline in your earning but you should continuously post links in relevant forums and blogs etc to get more traffic.
    Keep your environment neat and clean
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    Google ad is really worthy?
    Just pay per click doesn't mean it.
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