Challenge: Detailed Adwords Conversion Report

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I could have overlooked this but I'm kind of surprised there does not appear to be a way to create a detailed conversion report in Google Adwords. What I mean is a report that for every day a conversion occurred show me which keywords converted and the associated data. So the table headers would be:

Date, Campaign, Adgroup, Keyword, Average Posision, Clicks, Conversion, Conversion Rate

So each line of the report the Date, Campaign, Adgroup, and Keyword would be unique.

Seems like the only way to do this is run a keyword report with the Day dimension setting and look for any day where there is at least one conversion, then run a report for that day to see which keyword(s) converted. For an account where conversions are rare that might be doable, but otherwise that would be a nightmare on accounts with frequent conversions.
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