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I have a SASS product that I charge $89 a month that includes a 3 day free trial. Customers can have multiple subscriptions at $89 per month. I am currently tracking conversions using the built in tools within ad words however I am having issues with its ease of use.

My spend on adwords is currently $1000 a day and I am getting 4-8 new paying customers per day. So I am actually losing money on the first month and recouping my money on lifetime value which is currently about $850 per customer. Out of the daily new paying customer at least 2 purchase more than one subscription at $89 per month.

I feel like I should at least be getting 10-15 new subscriptions per day with a $1000 daily adwords spend. That being said I would love to get your feedback + ask some questions.

What tracking software accounts for customers and value with multiple conversions ( subscribing to more than one monthly subscription)?

What tips do you have for analyzing metrics when a three day free trial is included?

Has anyone tested the removal of a free trial and seen a higher conversion rate?

Thank for your help in advance!
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    You should be able to setup goals in Analytics to track this. As for the 10-15 new subscriptions for $1000; how did you come up with that number?

    Keep working on improving your sales funnel and Ads. That's the best way to decrease your cost and increase your signups. There's not much else you can do.
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    Originally Posted by gogoinflight View Post

    What tracking software accounts for customers and value with multiple conversions ( subscribing to more than one monthly subscription)?
    Both Analytics Goals and AdWords Conversion Tracking are able to count multiple conversions. It all depends on if you've set up everything correctly. Analytics Goals are usually easier to set up and they can be imported into AdWords as conversions.
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    I would be careful in comparing Adwords and Analytics conversions as they have different attribution models.. Adwords is 'Last Adwords Click' and uses a 30 day pixel.. Analytics is Linear.. so the numbers will be different.

    I would use Analytics because its quite rare someone just jump on a site.. then signs up (thats you 5-10).. most buyers will leave.. come back.. leave again.. come back and then finally make a decision via a Direct interaction. The average number of searches people do before making a decision is 12 so just adwords tracking won't give you the full picture.

    Use Analytics to get a holistic idea to where you are getting sales from and how they engage with your site before making a decision.
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      Hi gogoinflight,

      There are 2 ways that you can get the correct AdWords conversion tracking data you need for optimizing your campaigns.

      1.Set the conversion to count every transaction as a conversion. This works only if each of your subscriptions are purchased in a separate transaction.

      If, however your checkout process allows for multiple subscriptions to be purchased as part of the same transaction then you need to use the 2nd option.

      2. Use transaction specific values that are dynamically populated during the checkout process.
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    To track conversion rate for PPC ad payment method, is it not controlled bu the ad platform? Advertisers have to integrate the tracking SDK to get the conversion rate. So your ad platform did not offer you tracking SDK? We run ads in desktop apps and we supply tracking method to our publishers.
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    Another option for a trial might be a money back guarantee, and you can use analytics to track your conversions.
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