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I want promote my T-Shirt (Teezily) on Facebook.
I create a post, which works. After this, I upload my own preview image for this link. (teespring facebook ads template e.g.) with a button "Buy now"
activate facebook call-to-action "buy now".

I promote now, but my ad got rejected, because
something like this:
Your advertisement was not approved because the image does not show existing features, such as a "Play" button, which suggests a video function or "Close" button that does not close the display.
I don't know what I do wrong, I saw many ads which have a button aswell.
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    I would like to ask was your account banned?
    I just had this issue with Fb and I got my account banned.
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      Originally Posted by dawoodkhan97 View Post

      I would like to ask was your account banned?
      I just had this issue with Fb and I got my account banned.
      Yeah, I got my account banned as well on Facebook....and it's not possible to get it back. Sorry, a bit off topic....but I am still frustrated about this..LOL
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    How is this possible to get banned?

    My ad got rejected, because I put there a button...
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    Facebook Having some Terms and condition. You should follow the condition otherwise they can't accept your page.
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      Facebook's ad guidelines don't allow you to add buttons that do not offer any functionality.

      Since you've added the 'Buy Now' button to the image, what going to happen is some people might try clicking on it and all it's going to do is open up the image or redirect to a url and not actually take them to the product page. So in Facebook's eyes this is misleading.

      When you select the 'Shop' or 'Buy' call to action in the ad creator Facebook will ad a functional button under your image. You should just use that functionality and stay away from buttons in your ad creative.

      If you want to create ad mockups for FB you can try this free tool: Online Business Engine

      Also keep the text in your ad limited to 20%. Excessive text will also lead to your ad getting rejected. Let me know if you need more help.

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    You may write an email to Facebook to ask for more clarification on why your Facebook ads is rejected.
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      I think A Singh covered the basis of your problem. It is because of the 'useless' buttons on the image. Not long ago I tried to boost my FB page and got rejected because the page contained what they thought was a button to play a video. I submitted a new image without distractions and it was accepted.
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    Write an email to facebook to clarify for this inconvenience
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      FB never reply. I had an account banned which was 5 years old. I ran an ad for a weight loss product on Clickbank. They asked for ID and then told me the account was disabled permanently and under no circumstances should I attempt to create another.
      All you get is copy/paste replies there are no real people replying to emails at that joint.
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    Might be your Facebook Campaign does't meet quality guidelines. by mistake. you should read the Facebook guidelines, before start the Campaign. but you could try Facebook support for get back your account.
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