What are some good & inexpensive PPC networks for testing funnels out?

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I'm a long time internet marketer and looking for advice from those who have good experience with PPC networks.

I am looking to test some funnels before I take them to Bing Ads or YouTube ads.

The funnels are in the make money online / eBay space.

I am trying 7Search and would like to know about other "2nd tier" networks that you have had experience with.

Are there some good, cheap networks that I can test with?

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    The thing about using 2nd tier PPC networks to test a funnel is that you are not going to get accurate data, which defeats the purpose of testing with them. You can have a funnel that makes $0 on 7search but would make a huge profit on Bing or Google. The data you gather regarding keywords and other targeting data on 2nd tier networks will also be very different than the 1st tier networks. I personally suggest going straight to Bing, Google/Youtube, Facebook.
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      You're right, JC!

      Makes total sense and I don't know why I didn't think of that when I posted the question. LOL!

      I have been running Bing ads and can't seem to settle on the right mix of daily budget & per click bid amounts to get a good read.

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      Hi Dave,

      I second the suggestion to use a top tier ad network to test your sales & marketing funnels. Typically, you are going to get better targeted traffic, with greater reach, which in turn will give you a more consistent and predictable set of data.

      You should base your daily budget on how fast you want results. You are going to need to gather the same amount of clicks to reach statistical significance regardless of whether you gather it 1- 2 weeks, 2 months, or even longer. So the amount you spend to get results doesn't change, just the amount of time you must wait to gather the needed data.

      As far as Max CPC bids, I recommend that you bid high enough to target a top 1-3 ad position, because we see conversion rates drop significantly in lower ad positions for many niches these days. Sure you might be able to get lower CPC cost in lower ad positions, but your data is also likely to be less reliable.
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    seriously. don't even waste your time with 2nd tier networks. just focus on the networks that CONVERT best.

    facebook ads, adwords, bing, etc.
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