Just set up a FB ads and got my first click $1.98 !! Surely thats not right

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Hi guys,

Just started my first FB ad in over 3 years since I did some dating site CPA stuff on FB back in the day, anyway I let the ad start a few hours ago and I`ve had 1 click at a wopping $2 !! Surely that cant be right $2 for a single click lol ??

I`m just sending affilates to my Jvzoo page to see if I can get some affilates to sell my product, I`m targeting the UK with some basic interests and I`m fully aware there is a ton of variables to get the PPC down but dam I never imagined with just basic targeting and set up I`d be looking at $2 a click .

Heres a screen shot of the set up (11) Adverts Manager | Awesome Screenshot

What can I do to get that PPC down guys can you pls advise

Cheers James
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