Does anyone has tried PPC for getting clients for Graphic Designing and Content Writing

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Hello Fellow Warriors.

I want to ask about trying PPC (Facebook, Bing and definitely Adwords) to get clients for graphic designing and content writing service.

As google keyword planner is suggesting me 5 $ per visitor, Does it really worth it?
Thanks a lot
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    You're asking the wrong place... Your question belongs here: Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing (PPC/SEM)
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    As far as I know PPC helps helps to optimize searching engine. But don't heard it's help to get graphic designer.
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    Hi, Rising Dawn

    To put it simple - if people are searching for these services then you can get them. You just need to know PPC and have a good landing page.

    You don't have to pay 5$ per visitor even if that is shown as the suggested bid for the keywords. Set lower bids initially and see what happens.

    Remember that it's an auction and Google doesn't just determine the click prices. You pay similar rates to what your competition pays but it depends on your bids, quality scores, landing page etc.
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    You can use pay per click to generate leads or sales for any product or service. You want to look for buying keywords though to save yourself time and money.

    For example, if you go after just graphic designer, you could be in front of students, people who want to learn about graphic design even if get clicks, would be more people researching about graphic designers versus you targeting say "hire a graphic designer" or "need graphic designer" way more targeted for what you want and will save you time and potential money as well.
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    Thank you Fasteasysuccess, for your answer. I will definitely go after the buying keywords. I asked this question because I need to know any personal experience of fellow warriors in promoting services via ppc.
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