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Hi all,

I've recently started a cleaning company and have basic knowledge of SEO, however the domain is only a month old and we need a little boost to start generating some business.

I've been looking into using google adwords to promote our business and have been approached by a company who run adword campaigns for other cleaning companies throughout the UK.

I've been quoted £250 set up fee + £75 + Vat per month management fee.

Now is this worth paying ? Or is it worth me spending the time to learn adwords myself ?

Any help would be much appreciated !

Many Thanks Paco
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    Hi, paco8723

    It's worth it if they help you earn more but obviously you can't know that for sure beforehand.

    If they're really good PPC specialists and are going to put in effort then I would say that these prices are really cheap.

    You should be able to determine if they know what they're talking about by asking them a few questions.

    Such as,
    What KPIs are you going to measure?
    What exactly are the main factors which determine if the campaign will be profitable?

    If they are in fact good PPC professionals then I would suggest you to pay them and don't bother with learning AdWords yourself unless, of course, you want to.
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      Thanks for your reply, just need a little advice before moving forward !!
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  • £75 or about $100 US per month is about what I would charge you myself given the information. Being in Canada, you would not have to pay VAT.

    Agencies can vary wildly in prices and this price is on the low end. Many agencies won't even bother with a small campaign like yours.

    Your question is if it's worth paying, not if that's high. Echoing BrightFuture, if that agency gets you extra business, I'd say yes it's well worth it. I'm sure you would get more business and make more profits. Just one new client would pay for this monthly fee. I'm not even considering the lifetime value of this client which could be substantial.

    The real question is, are you willing and able to learn Adwords yourself. Being new at it, you surely won't be as successful than an agency that does that, not to mention you say they cater to other businesses like yours. So they have experience with cleaning companies. Surely that's worth a lot in not only getting your campaign to a successful start (more than you probably could do) but also your time and effort. In short, I think £75 per month is a great bargain. Unless of course you don't mind going at it yourself and willing to lose while you learn.

    Your situation is a bit like a chiropractor client of mine. Pays $100 per month and has for almost four years. He says it has made a difference in business and to keep doing whatever I'm doing. Obviously, he doesn't want to do it himself nor learn. It's like my business and taxes: I don't want the aggravation and spend the time so I hire an accountant. It's worth it.
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