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Have a campaign that I am trying to GEO optimize. I looked at the data and removed a few locations that were doing very poorly.

I also lowered my bids slightly in a few locations that where high volume but only breaking even.

It looks like my ad position, CTR and impression share has dropped a bit due to these changes.

My question is...

Should I have created a seperate campaign for these locations instead so that the lower bids won't impact the other locations with higher bids?

If so does anyone have any suggestions about how to avoid loosing ad CTR history and quality score when duplicating a campaign like this - or is it just a matter of starting over and building it back up?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Hi, learningthegame

    These changes should only impact the locations you removed or changed bids for. It doesn't impact the other locations.

    Obviously your overall average ad position, impressions and CTR can drop because of the reduced bids/exclusion of some locations.

    You can split them if you want but the new campaign will start from 0. Of course, you can still return to the original campaign to see the historical data whenever you need.
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      Thanks Bright future,

      I meant since my bids are lower in a few GEOs, my position is little higher (from 3.2 to 3.5). I'm just wondering if the lower GEO bids will affect the average position for the entire ad group and cause CTRs to drop?

      It's a very competitive niche and I'm worried that with the lower CTR I will lose impression share.

      Thanks again for all of your help. I noticed that you have an AdWords product available. I am only doing mobile on adwords and am wondering if it would still be helpful to me? Thanks.
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    The overall average position will drop because it includes statistics for locations with or without adjustments if you have them in a single campaign.

    But the point is that you are reducing the position for the less valuable traffic. In the end, all that matters is profit and if there's a location which doesn't make you profit then reducing the bids, position and thus your cost per click for this location is a great way to possibly improve that.

    Regarding my AdWords book - regardless of if you do mobile or desktop the rules are still the same - you need to adjust campaign settings, structure your account properly, create effective ads, choose keywords and their match types wisely, add extensions, optimize everything etc. So, to answer your question, I believe it would be helpful to you.
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      Thanks again Bright Future, appreciate teh help.
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