Big volume adword, low comp, no ads on the SERP, and yet suggested bidding price of $2.5!?

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I'm new to ppc and I was looking at an adword that has a big search volume, low competition, no ads on the SERP, and yet Google suggests a bidding price of $2.5 bid price??
Could it be because there have been bidders in the past but they couldn't convert to they stopped bidding?
If that's the case, is the high suggested bidding price still relevant? If there are no ads, is it possible to bid below the suggested price?

Thanks for your advice
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    Altar, where are you from?
    If you are not from U.S. you wouldn't see geo-targeted ads...
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    Hi, altar22

    You are allowed to set whatever bids you want. Set a lower bid initially and see what happens. Maybe it will be enough.

    Maybe I could help you more if you would share the exact keyword you're talking about.
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    Ah yes I'm in South Korea... Hadn't thought about that...
    The KW is inspirational quotes
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  • The suggested bid is based on what others have bid as well as your own QS. So if you bid less, you'll see where that places you. Wait until you get a dozen clicks to see your true QS because Google assigns a 6 for new ads and it's adjusted normally from there but you need some data.

    It doesn't mean that others have tried this keyword and stopped. It just means that's what you need to bid in order to show up on the page because that's the going rate for that keyword.

    As always, the first approach should be to improve your campaign - use the proper keywords for your offer and enticing ads - so that you improve your CTR and thus your QS.
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    Inspirational quotes is not a very valuable keyword. I wouldn't bid a lot on it. Definitely not $2.50.

    Even if you're located in South Korea you can still see if there are any ads in the USA by using the AdWords Ad preview tool. You can see Google search results for any location you want.

    I just checked and I see that there are almost no ads for this keyword. It makes sense because the keyword is not too valuable.

    The suggested bid by the keyword tool is clearly too high in this case.
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