What's Your Keys to PPC Advertising?

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If you could look back on all your experience with PPC advertising, what would be Your Keys to Success with PPC? I just want to start a good learning environment for those who may be struggling to get good results with it. Thanks in advance for your response. Jeremy
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    i had previously run one successfull campaign on bing for 2 -3 months until bing changed their policies and banned my business model from advertising .In my case the key to success was relevancy . we carved out a sub niche from our industry and made highly relevant pages containing brand names in ads, keyword and landing pages and conversion rate was fantastic .
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    well there are many things but i will give you 2.

    a) think like a customer and not like a vendor.
    b) your ad must not look like a typical ad i.e. make your ads and landing page useful to the customer.
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    11 years ago when I started it only required you to have balls.

    Now it's all about knowing perfectly what and how your customers search for what you sell.
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    I would go for long tailed keywords as in SEO rather than to compete with the big spenders for generic terms.

    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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    With Bing, for example...

    Grab a bunch of keywords and start bidding low.

    From there you can slowly raise your bids to keep the ROI higher.
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    1. Knows what your customers want.
    2. Build a lander that HELPS them.
    3. Create emails that speak to them like a friend.

    Offers 1-1 Coaching for Bing/CPA/Clickbank.
    1,248 students have benefited so far!
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    I know I had spent alot of money on PPC back in the days and one thing a person should do before started is research.

    Learn as much as you can about doing PPC either from Google or froma paid course.

    Another important factor is to make sure that you are promoting something that converts into sales.

    I was promoting sites that did not convert well.

    AND make sure you have an optinn box on your site!

    Otherrwise you are wasting yoru money.

    Norman McCulloch

    You need to have the right 'vehicle' to create time freedom.
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    (it's getting me where I want to go)

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    Track everything. Knowledge is the key. Learn how to use Google Analytics to measure conversions. If you get phone leads, integrate with a call tracking tool.
    Best tools to improve Google Analytics
    - Free apps, custom reports & dashboards
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    I would say start with bing and add as many keywords related to your offer and set your cpc low. this should bring some traffic ...
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    Select the right keyword for right location.
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