PPC or SEO when it comes to webshops

by Mr Kim
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Hello everyone!

I'm setting up my first drop shipping webshop CutestBabyShoes.com, and after reading much and speaking to great people in the SEO section of this forum I have learned much about how to think regarding SEO.

But now I turn to you here in the PPC section of this forum and ask you what your opinion regarding PPC is. Is PPC the way to go, in your opinion?

Please explain a little about your opinion and thoughts about how to use PPC and if/why it is more important than SEO (if you think it is)? Or is PPC only a complement to SEO? Or is it oppsite?
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    Regardless of your paid traffic, you should always have in mind the SEO component of your website. When you create pages, choose urls, add images, write articles etc. But unless you know you can focus on content, you should go for paid traffic first. You will see quite fast if you are can be profitable or not. In the meantime you can also focus on social media, this niche is pretty good for it. Maybe buy a shoutout on a very popular Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest page in your niche?
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    SEO is not only about optimizing your website and content to rank higher in organic search results for targeted keywords on the most impactful search engines; it's also about being an authority on the problem at hand and the solution you provide.
    PPC (Pay Per Click), on the other hand, is all about paying for advertising space for specific targeted keywords on search results pages. But make no mistake, there is a great deal of search engine optimization when creating a paid ad campaign.

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    3 ads only (need more ads)
    16 click = 0.05$ low CPC
    i think SEO is best..
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    With PPC you get instant feedback, you find out if it converts quickly or not, it is much faster but you have to know what you're doing. SEO takes a lot of time and effort, and mostly it's about producing good content and syndicating it on all your social networks.

    If you check out my sig I have written an article and created a video in terms of how to research and setup campaigns as well as other factors..

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    Try Clickbank, CPA offers.
    Along with good SEO and PPC campaigns.
    The ULTIMATE RX affiliate program.
    Upto 55% commissions with quick payouts.
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    SEO if the first thing we think about when we talking about targeted traffic, but SEO takes much time to work thta is why PPC is the best alternative that can get you targeted traffic fast!
    PPc can be used to test the effectiveness of different keywords so thta you know which keywords to target with long term SEO.
    Also, PPC possibly the most measurable, when compared to SEO and SMM. With updated access to your spends and popular ads, you can easily determine whether the campaign is seeing a positive return on investment.
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    They both should be used. They work together. PPC is going to be your main traffic driver in the beginning of a websites life, where you may struggle with SEO, especially with new sites in competitive niches. The traffic is instant from PPC, unlike SEO where you could have to wait months to get any traction if you are in a highly competitive niche. Of course if the content is excellent on the website, then things may escalate faster, plus depending on what else you are doing in marketing.

    PPC and the metrics to which it drives can effect the SEO of your website. It is not uncommon to see organic lifts when a PPC campaigns is set up efficiently and your traffic is highly targeted and interacting with the site as you would expect for your niche.

    In end Google isn't in the business of making sites popular they are in the business of showing popular sites. So you need to get traffic, PPC is the place to start for the short and long term success. While you work on SEO to improve the organic portion of the website.

    "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve Me and I Learn!" - Benjamin Franklin

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