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by erikme
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Hi there,

I'm starting to run Bing ads that are trying to sell clickbank products. From what I read in the forum - its better to send the traffic into your own landing page and then forward it to the product's clickbank sale page.

I simply don't understand the logic.

Clickbank sales page are done by professional and are proven to work (high gravity).

Why would my landing page convert better than clickbank product page?

And I when capture emails - what would I do with them?

Run news letters for two weeks and then try reselling the product again?

Thanks for any help,
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    You can sale more products once you have created a good list.
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    Bro Bing PCC is Good For CPA product . But Click Bank Product Need PPC On AdWord . Thank You
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      But isn't affiliate (clickbank) offers banned on google adwords ?
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    In a sense you are right that an intermediary page might hurt the sales...unless you offer them a gift there or some other incentive to butter them up. But it's still a direct sale which are hard to be successful with. There are some niches where people search solutions to problems that are time sensitive, so impulse buyers might go for products up to a limit.

    The best way is to build a list. The problem is your incentive to subscribe should be related to the product you are selling, better yet it should be a "slice of it" without revealing the actual solution. So if you change the affiliate products like your sox, this can involve a lot of work.

    So you can create a squeeze page where you offer a free gift and you can use the affiliate product sales page as a thank you page. In the email you send them their free gift, and of course you market the product which might even have swipe files to help you with the emails.
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    This question is one that all marketers wonder about. You can probably see why a lot of marketers love direct linking, because it is hassle free (for the most part anyway) and just plain simple to do.

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    There are several reasons why it's better to use a landing page.

    If you use a landing page it acts like an endorsement of the product so the visitor has information about the product from more than one source, so it pre-warms them before they land on the vendors landing page.

    Secondly, using a lander means you have more control over your quality score if you're using PPC traffic, which can result in cheaper clicks.

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    Always go with landing page as NOBODY likes
    hard selling or a product slapped on their face.

    We first need to "warm up" our prospect by getting
    them on our landing page after which they'll be
    redirected to our sales page. This usually works
    as now after signing up the chances of their buying
    would be more.

    Plus you will also be able to earn from THAT list you
    collected. So it's a WIN-WIN situation.

    Dawood Khan
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