Where to find Adwords/Bing/FB coupons if you live outside US?

by leo1
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The title pretty much says it all. If you are outside English speaking/European countries, what options do you have?
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    If you mean Facebook Advertising coupons, this is what they say on their Facebook Business Page:

    Keep in mind that it's not currently possible to purchase or request coupons from Facebook.

    I know that there used to be coupons that Facebook gave away to advertisers a while back but they have stopped that now.
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    Have you tried Fiverr?
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      I haven't tried Fiverr, although I heard PPC coupons are sold there.

      I am not sure whether buying coupons there is safe or I'm better off staying away from that. Have you bought any coupons from Fiverr? How was your experience? How much are they sold for?

      Thanks for the help!
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    You can check with fiverr but I would set up a totally new main account before you start playing with the promo codes cause if you do it over and over they will shut you down!
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    There are Bing coupon sellers on eBay. Some time ago I saw one selling Bing coupons available for international use at price ~ $5 for a $100 coupon. But in my opinion the best way is to buy a preloaded Bing or AdWords account. I think it is more safe because those accounts already had some impressions and clicks.
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    Bing give you a free coupon if you're a new user

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