How To Promote Clickbank Products On Bing?

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I'm interested in promoting a clickbank product in the health and dog training niche on Bing. What's the best way to set up my ad campaign so I can make at least one conversion? Should do direct linking or should I use a landing page? I know there are a lot of potential buyers looking for products in both niches. Should I only include buyer keywords in my campaign? What are your thoughts?? Any and all advice is welcome.

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    Using a landing page and bidding on buyer keywords is the best strategy. Ideally, you should also build a list so you can re-market to people.

    Direct linking to Clickbank products generally doesn't convert well unless you bid on product name keywords, but the problem with that is the search volume for such keywords is low, so your lucky if you can make 1 sale a month.

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    I suggest you to read this article How to Promote ClickBank Products?! Hope this information will help you find all the necessary answers to your questions!
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    Here are some effective methods for promoting digital products:
    - niche authority websites (you can recurring commissions simply by providing informational content to niche audience by positioning affiliate links appropriately on your homepage or blog page. You can create a call-to-action section for the product on each page listing the affiliate links as reference so your visitors can click through to learn more information.
    - online videos - marketers can create short videos to be displayed on websites such as YouTube and Blinkx to promote ClickBank products. You can display a video with a link to the product listed below the content, or you can include a product link in the video itself.
    - proprietary blogs - where you offer commentary on current events or subjects you know well, can be used to promote ClickBank products.
    - social media - you can post articles on your homepage or post links on other people's message boards. Compelling content links can go viral, ultimately generating commissions for you.
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  • First, read the policies. Get familiar with them, follow them. A point of concern, two actually, you said is product in the health niche and direct linking. Nothing wrong with direct linking as long as that landing page conforms with all policies. Unfortunately, most CB products don't, especially in health related products.
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    Some expert says try a landing page and build an email list then promote your product .. Seems like lengthy process but again “expert’s word” although I haven’t tried it.
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    You should run paid advertising and you have to target more audience then that is help you more.
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    Yes, that's right. You can simply get your promotion URL from Click Bank or whatever, and then you can create a Bing PPC ad using that affiliate link as target URL. When people click on your ad in the search results, it will take them straight to the sales page of the product.
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