PPC ads. How Vital is having the keyword in the title

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Hi guys,
When crafting PPC ads (I`m using Bing) how vital is it to have the keyword in the title ?

I always try to do this for quality score reasons but it stops you for getting creative in the ad copy

What do you guys think ? I always try to get the keyword in the title, url and the sentence copy as I`m trying to get the best possible QS so I can get the best CPC on my ads

But at the same time I would also get a better CPC the higher the CTR would I not ??

Any advice would be awesome
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    Hi jimkirk1943,

    Clarity trumps persuasion!

    Don't try to be clever, try to be clear.

    It is generally considered a "best practice" to include your keyword in the ad text.

    There are a couple of good reasons to include keywords in your ad text.

    1. Message Match - Users generally find ads with the exact term they used in their search more compelling and are statistically more likely to click the ad.

    2. Bolded Text - Search engines will bold the ad text that exactly matches the search terms. This makes the keywords in your ad text more prominent and more compelling, and typically improves CTR.

    You don't have to include your keyword in the ad's headline.The keyword can be placed anywhere within the ad and still give a boost in CTR. The headline usually works well, and it also helps to include it in the description as well as the display URL.

    While including keywords in your ad text is a "best practice", it isn't always wise to stick to "best practices". If you have an idea for ad text that you think will work well then you should definitely test it. Just be sure to include it in an A/B split test where you let it compete head-to-head against your "best practices" ad to determine a winner.

    p.s. Thank you for asking a question, rather than writing a useless article. It is refreshing to have an actual discussion in a discussion forum.
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    I always put main keyword in headline, CTR is much higher and it brings me more traffic and leads!
    "Grind now, relax later!" - Me
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    The stronger an individual page focus on a particular keyword target the more likely it is to rank well. The title tag and the URL are both important places to put the primary keyword for the page, and having both will reinforce the focus of the page.
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    jimkirk1943, unlike a Domain Name having the Keyword in the PPC Ad is Vital. I advertise on Bing a lot and Keywords Drive a lot of impressions to my Ads.

    And Amazingly I am normally only spending $3 a day. But because I have the keyword it brings a lot of traffic.

    Hope this Helps
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    Keywords in Title could drive relevant traffic and clicks to the link. It is always a good practice to make use of keywords in the title and description.
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