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we have just started doing adwords again slowly for one of our sites that sells modules and templates for popular CMS. We have targeted our main keywords and started getting traffic slow. For now we have small budget - 20$ per day in order to check traffic quality.

We do 2 campaigns for now. One of text ads focused on target keyword for one of our modules. Other one is for re-marketing banners that we are showing to people that visited our site..

Average CPC for text add is around 2$ and for remarketing banner is $0.1

So after 1 week i can say that traffic quality isn't good. I didn't expected and sale for such amount of traffic but we have 100% bounce rate that is simply not acceptable.

Can anyone suggest what we are doing wrong what we should focus at.

What is average ROI in web design nice for CPC?

P.S. Our goal for now is to promote one of our established product that people already like and that was very popular on the market
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    Hi gorillas,

    A high bounce rate, especially 100%, usually indicates that your visitors are not finding a reason to visit any other pages on your website.

    High Bounce rates isn't always an indicator of a problem. If you happen to have a SPA (Single Page App) then there is no other pages for your traffic to visit, so you would expect the bounce rate to be high. If your landing page encourages users to click through for more information on other pages of your website then a high bounce rate indicates a problem.

    Obviously it aids your marketing efforts if you build landing pages that encourage users to interact with elements that can be tracked. Whether it is widgets, more pages, or navigation links, they all help you to track, measure, and optimize your ad campaigns.

    If you have a landing page that encourages interactivity that can be tracked, and you are still seeing a high bounce rate that is an indicator that your visitors are not finding what they expected to find on your landing page after clicking your ad. This could be due to a poorly selected landing page, poor message match, poor landing page design, poor landing page sales copy, or poorly targeted traffic.

    I recommend that you generate a Search Terms Report and study the terms people are using to find your website. You could have a lot of traffic from irrelevant search terms. You should be looking at this report frequently to spot issues with your keyword targeting.

    Keywords are not search terms, keywords are what you enter to trigger ads, but search terms are the actual terms your visitors use to trigger ads, they are often very different. Search terms need to be 100% relevant, if not, you may need to remove, change, or add negative keywords to insure that every ad impressions is triggered by highly relevant search terms.

    Message match is another important aspect of targeting. You want to make sure the the search terms users are typing into search exactly match the ad text of your ads, and that the landing page content closely matched the ad text, and search terms that triggered your ad impression.
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