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What is the rate of Bing Cost Per Click? I want to do some advertisements on Bing and I want to know the price of clicks. I have a landing page and want to target some keywords to promote that.
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  • like with ALL traffic source the rate is dependent upon competition in the niche.

    For Bingads the starting rate is .05 which in most cases you will never get with Teir 1 traffic source but highly possible to get in developing countries like Brazil.

    I pay anywhere from .20 to 2.5 on average per click on Bingads.

    when first launching campaigns in the U.S. My opening bid is normally in the .31 range and I'll manually adjust from there as I build up my negative keyword list and seek more volume.

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    Hi enjamulahsan,

    Each time an ad impression is displayed, on Bing's search result pages, Bing conducts an auction, in real time, to sell the available ad slots to the highest bidder. So you are free to pay whatever price you are willing to pay, as long as it is at least one penny higher than your competitors are willing to pay for that same ad slot.
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