PPC Secrets I've Discovered through Millions of Ad Spend

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Do you realize that the so-called "secrets" of marketing are nothing more than common sense these days? Most of the PPC secrets are not secrets anymore. The main reason behind this is that most of them are already extensively adopted. In this article, you will get to know our PPC secrets. Basically, these are really actionable strategies which suit most of the verticals across lead gen, e-commerce and SaaS.

PPC Secret #1 - The Iceberg Effect

Understanding which ads and keywords are liable for your conversions is considerably easy and simple. For this, you just need to have the standard change tracking system in order to track them. But, what happens when your keywords are not the once gaining the conversions?

Well, it's search terms. If you take a deep look inside your AdWord search network campaign, surely, you will find many search terms as compared to your keywords.

A keyword is what you are bidding on but search terms are controlled by Google. This means that a single keyword can have thousands of search terms. When you start reducing your search terms to the keyword discrepancy, you can recover more control and boost your cost per acquisition. There are also many other metrics for which you have to care about.

PPC Secret #2 - PPC Traffic Temperatures

If you have a full knowledge about PPC marketing, there is a chance that you can get a good start with Adwords search network, Start by making your text ads show up on Google.

The different visitors that come from various PPC channels have entirely diverse conversion terms. It means that there is a requirement in performing improved job matching your call on action provided with the conversion or temperature goal of that traffic. Also, keep this in mind, if you do not have any idea about your PPC traffic conversions and temperature intents, this PPC secret would not work for you.

PPC Secret #3 - The Importance of Micro Conversions

At this point, you may already be using PPC secrets no. 1 and 2 and executing fresh PPC campaigns over the different networks and channels but still not getting the expected conversions amount. This might be upsetting and you might be thinking that all these secrets don't work. Well, you need to have patience.

Prior to expecting your macro conversion, lots of micro conversions need to occur. Micro conversions are easy to find out; analyze and fix the matter.

By tracking your micro conversions, you can immediately notice that it might not be the page that has a problem. One cool thing is to track micro conversion using Google Analytics and divide your ad group, keyword level metrics, and campaign.

PPC Secret #4 - Optimize For Sales, Not Conversions

Build Single Keyword Ad Group at scale. By doing this, you will see an improvement in quality scores, cost per clicks and click through rates.

You have reduced the search word to keyword discrepancy which has an added control over the search terms and keywords. They should, by this time, be producing your conversions.

PPC Secret #5 - F*** Your PPC Metrics

You can find certain elements that will help improve PPC performance such as using a hybrid approach of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and PPC. Metrics are the guiding lights; not just the Key Performance Indicators. You can sacrifice your quality content a little bit but there is a need to focus on time and improving your conversion rate.

Great PPC secrets are difficult to obtain. It is up to you to perform what your competitors are not ready to perform. By this, you can make more money.

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How do you take advantage of these provided "PPC secrets"?
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