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Hi Everyone,

I must admit - I'm very lucky to find a forum tailored to Digital Marketers.

Been reading for a little while, and there's a lot of great content to offer.

I wanted to reach out to some of you who understand successful Facebook Ad campaigns. I've spent a lot of money and I haven't received the results I wanted.

Ultimately here's the background:

I've tried several different optimizations, including "Send to Website" using Multiple Product Ads and Video Ads, however my CPC is still very high. The lowest CPC I managed to get was with a Multiple Product Ad at 0.20 per click.

Another issue I came across was drawing traffic. I heard PPC is the best way to draw a large amount of traffic for the least amount of time. I'm not getting very many visits - possibly less than 20 per day.

I have not put my hands in any SEM yet. This means, no utilization of Adwords and such. Over and over again I see people with lots of success using Facebook Ads and I really believe that Facebook can give me similar results.

Thank you!
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    Hi there,
    At 20 cents per click what was the conversion rate on your offer?
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    SEM tends to be easier than Facebook since you can run the ads on autopilot without worrying about ad fatigue that is more commonly faced in Facebook. I will be glad to help if you need any.

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    I'm not getting enough traffic for any conversions to happen - we're talking merely 30 visits per day - if that.

    As far as Facebook goes, what do you mean "Fatigue" with Ads?

    Today I ran an Ad and I'm getting right under 0.20 a click. Not bad, but I really think it would be great to get down to 0.01c and pay $5.00 a day for 500 visits a day.
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      • Originally Posted by lushcharger View Post

        I'm only getting about 30-40 visits at .12 CPC right now.

        Trying to bring CPC down to about .01 so I can get at least 500 unique clicks a day at $5.00 a day, bringing a lot of data through the door to understand.

        Does anyone have any strategic ways of bringing CPC down to .01 or is it just all trial and error?
        Penny Clicks, but its usually running your adds to people in other countries for less per click but it does necessarily mean that you will sale anything. It just gives you more likes.
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    Make sure that you have the right targeting, ad image and ad copy. I'm still getting great results with Facebook ads. Also, make sure that you optimize your ads after spending a few dollars.
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    IMHO, the biggest problem with FB ads is that people are in generally, not in "buying mode".

    Most of them just use FB as an entertainment.

    Google, YouTube and Niche Forums do a better job.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    identify the floss and you must have a a great and interesting ads for you to have

    people or generate traffic, know what niche of your product

    determine your target and keep posting intellectually . good luck
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    The thousand or so likes I have gotten through Facebook advertising DECREASED the amount of page engagement I get per post considerably. I am not a fan of Facebook ads.

    Possible using Facebook to get traffic directly to the website might work to some, but I would not recommend using it to get more fans.

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  • be sure that your ads are targeting for the correct keyword. Use attractive images and quotes to gain more clicks.
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    fb ads not grabbing market

    any solution ?
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    Its also depend on your content about ads. Did you think your ads enough attraction?
    I don't know about your product/service u are providing, but almost people usually attracted by colorful images, funny clips and something can make them interested...
    Anyway, you should brainstorm your content and look back about your target customer.
    Pls msg to me if you wanna talk more about your problem.
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    Although the initial results yielded a high cost per lead than we're able to generate using website conversion campaigns, Lead generation ads are still a game changer on the Facebook platform IMHO.

    My 2 cents

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    to maximize output please ensure that you are using the right keywords for your niche. your ad should spark interest in the right audience. And never use click baits for attracting traffic if you want long term user engagement.
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    Hi All,

    Would like to give an opinion on this. Hope it can help.
    Probably the cause of low conversion is because ads are not targeted toward the right channel. It is possible that most of the clicks are coming from mobile or instagram where people are not in the buying mode. Targeting to people using desktop probably is one alternative to try.

    I have been using FB Ads for a while, but also struggling to get the cost down. So far the cost is killing me, I am targeting desktop users, and pay around $1 per click. Is it common?

    Thanks a lot. Appreciate any help
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    i am also getting the good traffic from Facebook Ads, but it took little bit time.

    but my personal opinion goes to SEO instead of SEM, because when client doesn't get lead after paying PPC then it becomes tough to handle. and SEO offers the organic result which doesn't require much money whether they get lead or not..
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    The thing is that people are generally expecting results to happen too fast right now. Anyone wants to open his online store and expects getting sales immediately after setting up a few basic FB ads.

    This isn't meant to be a critique @ OP, but usually it goes this way:

    1. Identifying a tailored target group (the "perfect" customer for your business)
    2. Setting up multiple campaigns (at least two to make a classical A/B test)
    3. Run them for a few days until you have enough data to go on with the better performing one.
    4. Additional tests and tweaks until you have a really good ad (low CPC and high CTR)
    5. Keep monitoring the ad since, like said, sooner or later it will get worse results.

    Of course your website has to go hand in hand with your ads. A lot of visits mean nothing if you have a very low conversion rate. Make sure that your website is comfortable to use and that you are directing your visitors to the right page (the one they most likely want to see based on your ad).
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