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Can anyone recommend a good Google PPC course/book/guide?
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      Originally Posted by dburk View Post

      Hi info-seeker,

      Here's the best guide in the business:

      Fully agreed. I used Google Adwords guide when starting out and it is one of the best blueprint and the fact that I am reading the guide created by Google itself made me have a peace of mind knowing the guide is up-to-date and the info given are correct.

      Having said that, you can also view some Adwords video course as a supplement content from what you have learnt in Google Adwords guide. Video course may help you to absorb more and enhance your understanding. Do a search and find some reputable video/channel for Google Adwords.
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    I agree about Google's own documentation being the best guide. Once you read that you may want to do some searching on ways you can tweak and improve your ads as well. Once you know the basics it's basically a trial/error situation.
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    That's definitely the best guide. I would also recommend you to start and spend some money to see how it works. Don't think of your money as wasted but as invested as you will be gaining a lot of experience.
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    There is Advanced Google Adwords by Brad Geddes. [You will probably learn more during the second reading.]

    Also, you can also go for his "Adwords Seminars for Success". Brad Geddes is currently the only person selected by Google to conduct the Advanced AdWords seminar series.


    EGOL, content director from USA says : (https://moz.com/community/users/446)

    "The seminars were not easy. They teach you that Adwords is really a mathematics game and you must know your costs and your conversion rate in great detail and be willing to spend a lot of time calculating with spreadsheets.

    He also does a great job of teaching you about how to improve quality scores.

    I pay attention to other people when I attend this type of training and lots of the people who attended thought that they would sit there, drink coffee, fart and go home a genius. They didn't stay for the entire training. They got blown away by the math. The people who got the most out of it and the ones who stayed to the end of the second day were the ones who had the math discipline to use spreadsheets, calculate and think hard."
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    Originally Posted by Info-seeker View Post

    Can anyone recommend a good Google PPC course/book/guide?
    No need to do any courses, learn and implement with Google Support - https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6146252
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