What is Your Favorite Paid Traffic Sources For Email List Buildup

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Hey Guys!

So I wanted to ask what your best, or favourite paid traffic sources are for building a email list. I personally like Bing PPC, and Solo Ads from Facebook sellers, (Solo Ads Testimonials Group). Was looking for some more method, or maybe some advice to look for in Bing PPC from which i may be able to get better results.

Would love to hear your thoughts


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    You can make squeeze page or optim page and promote on bing ads! Better use squeeze page! If you want free template? You can create weebly or wix! If you want wordpress then you can buy some premium squeeze page plugin
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    PPV, but it is for shark. I've never succeed to bring even one lead with it but since it has TONS of traffic I know it is a great source for list building if you know what you are doing!
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    I always prefer Bing and then there is FB ads which is quiet good for getting cheap likes to your page. That being said, you must have a proper funnel or monetization system set up on your page.
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    In my opinion, and from my experience stick with solo ads through Facebook
    sellers, just make sure you buy HQ traffic.

    (By the way it depends on what are you doing in the field.)
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    Hi Samuel,

    If you like traffic from Bing Search Ads then you might consider Google Search traffic via AdWords. It is the same type of traffic, nearly identical targeting methods, just 10 times the volume. Additionally, you can target the Display Network, Google Shopping, and Youtube Video Ads via AdWords.

    Social platforms like Pintrest and Twitter Ads can work as well, if you are targeting B2B then LinkedIn can work too.
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    Some great ones mentioned folks, thank you! Yeah I will most likely stick with Bing Ads and Facebook Solos. Anyone else want to pitch in you are welcome!

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    I use All

    PPV: Leadimpact, propelmedia(trafficvance) and 50onred.

    My best PPV is 50onred.

    For PPC: Bing, Adwords, 7search.

    My best PPC is Bing

    For Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit

    My best is Reddit

    Also Offline ads.

    From all my traffic sources Reddit is the best in General but depending on the niche others are better.
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    Good to know . . . I hadn't even thought of some of these.

    thanks everyone


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