What is your criterion for PPC match types?

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When you use PPC advertisement, what match types basically do you use?

Some say it's the best way to use "Exact"only.
Others say "Broad" only.
Others say all "Exact", "Broad" and "Phrase" on each keyword.

I know there is no "rules".

I would like to know what your criterion is.

Thank you in advance.
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    Hi, firewire335

    A few tips about match types.

    If it's a small budget campaign, focusing on low cost per customer acquisition then don't use broad match. If you want to go broad then use broad match modifier or maybe don't even go broader than phrase at the beginning and see how it goes.

    A lot of depends on the search volume of your keywords. Again, if it's small campaign then set general single-word keywords to exact match and long-tail low search volume keywords to phrase or broad match modifier.

    "Others say all "Exact", "Broad" and "Phrase" on each keyword" This is correct. You should add different match types of the same keyword to see how they perform and set bids accordingly. But, as I already stated, I prefer broad match modifier over regular broad match and you should still be cautious.

    Always apply common sense - for example, if you sell wooden floors then it's very risky to use the broad or even phrase match for a general keyword like floor and you probably shouldn't use this keyword at all. But if we talk about a more specific keyword like wooden flooring then you can go for phrase or broad match modifier.

    Exact match is the safest option but using only this type can seriously limit your reach.
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    It depends on your strategy, budget and objective really. Personally, I always start with "exact" and "phrase" match, and always focus on the keywords with the most volume.

    If you choose broad match, you will get the most impressions, but the traffic will not be as targeted and you will need a bigger budget to test with.

    The only time I use broad targeting is when I'm trying scale and find new keywords that might convert.
    The money is the motive.

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    Expansive match is the default coordinate sort and the one that contacts the most stretched out crowd. When utilizing wide match, your promotion is qualified to show up at whatever point a client's hunt inquiry incorporates any word in your key expression, in any request. For instance, on the off chance that you utilize expansive match on "extravagance auto," your promotion may be shown if a client sorts "extravagance autos," "quick autos," or "extravagance condos."
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