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I'm stuck here on what software I can use to perform some basic tracking. I'm using Bing PPC and Leadpages. I thought I could use the basic tracking in Bing and the simple analytics in Leadpages.

I've done a small test, running a handful of targeted ads and a few landing pages, however leadpages shows I have 0% conversions. I'm not even sure if it is tracking when someone actually clicks thru my landing page or if all 3 pages I have tested suck that bad.

My Bing Ads are running 2-4% CTR with a 10/10 quality score averaging position 3.

Is there anything free out there for tracking the things I need or am I going to have to fork out some cash?
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    Why not add tracking code?


    You can also look into Piwik for an alternative (owned/private data)
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      Originally Posted by ABN View Post

      Why not add tracking code?


      You can also look into Piwik for an alternative (owned/private data)
      Is this something google analytics can do? I guess I need to take it for a test run and figure out what it can and cant track. Im sure theres plenty videos.

      Was hoping for a list of tracking tools and recommendations so I can check the features on them or what not.

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        I would recommend that you think about a way to research all these possible options and find the best one that fits your needs. Choosing a tool at a random will simply waste your time in the short and long-term.

        It would go something like this:

        1. Filter down your list to the 5-10 tools that get mentioned the most.
        2. Rank each of these tools against several criteria that makes sense for you like ease of use, reliability, and real time capabilities.
        3. Narrow down your list to your 2 best options and then integrate them both. Play around with the tools with real data and try to improve your business with them.

        I personally use GA along with Gostats on all my blogs..
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      Originally Posted by ABN View Post

      You can also look into Piwik for an alternative (owned/private data)
      Piwik is a lot of work, unless you are able to build from scratch. Still having a hard time establishing Piwik :/

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    Use Clickmeter if u want something very precise, and reliable.

    I also use Leadpages and it's very reliable.
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    Does anyone have a download link to the last Prosper202 before it became a cloud service? PHP installs/setup piece of cake for me but it's no longer downloadable. Piwik doesnt have enough features.
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    I am not using LeadPages so am not sure if you set it up or do it correctly. I would advise that you may want to double check with LeadPages support first before deciding to look for 3rd party clicking tools.

    There are many good tracking tools in the market which are reputable and provide tons of great features, but unless necessary and required, just use whatever you currently have (stats found on LP and Bing) which could be more than sufficient for your needs.
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    i use PPV dominator but it also can be used in a ppc campaign

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    Dollar95, he asked for FREE if possible, as i did, and Voluum has dissolved Newbie plans and made it paid from July 2015...so NOT an option, as well as were not "super affiliates". If we were then buying a good one would'nt be a problem lol. I was able to find a Prosper202 version 1.72.
    Does anyone have a zip version of the last free update before it went paid?
    I am more the capable of installing it, as i do with all scripts, to my VPS.
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    I've used Clickmeter and then moved to Voluum and settled with that. Works for me in my PPC campaigns.
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    What about the code you get from bing? Have you placed that on your thank you page?
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    I did try many of tracking services in my 7 years affiliate marketing but this one so far for me the best http://clickmagick.com
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  • So, you'd like to track clickthrough off of your landing pages. I am sure there's an option for you to choose "clicks on the button" leading to an external page to be marked as conversion.
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    Hey guys. I went with Clickmagick. I tried using the UET tag from Bing, but never could figure out how to get it to work with clickbank.
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    I guess it all comes down to what kind of sites you are running.

    Most of our e-commerce customers use's Google analytics together with Divvit.

    All depends on what you are looking for in terms of analytics. GA has a lot of data but could be quite difficult to understand and to find the things you are looking for.

    Piwik is also an option as some people have suggested above
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