Clickbank products on Adwords/Bing?

by chini
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Hey guys,

Looking to test some blog posts/squeeze pages which lead to clickbank products using Adwords or Bing Ads. Bascially once the person reads the content, puts their hand up and opts in.

Last time i looked into this, I know Google Adwords back a while back (2009-2011) didn't really like you linking to affiliate products. I was wondering if this is the case?

Any does anyone know if Bing ads are fine with clickbank products?

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    Why not create a your own lading page between bing and affiliate product?
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    People read a blog post review on a specific Clickbank product. It gets more attention to people if you can create a great review blog. Because, a clickbank product review blog can be used for Adwords/ Bing ads to start advertising. Cause, Bing/ adwords does not allow direct linking to the real product page. Better, you create a blog on your certain product & have your leadcapture on it to proceed directly to the product page just by optin it.

    Yes, bing does work better than adwords for its cheaper clicks. But, bing has a little traffic & higher competition. You must hire an expert to crack the relevant keywords to gain your cheaper conversions.

    Best of Luck!
    (For US/ UK/ DE/ FR - Very Affordable Price)
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