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Hello warriors ,
is there any tips to get best result !

Thank you
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    7Search is a scam, you won't get any results with them as 99% of their traffic is fake.
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    7search is not A scam its an own Managed PPC network mindblowing ROI if you know what you are doing. Start with Bing and master PPC bing will be a piece of cake. U need to track the conversions and shut of the bad traffic it has some quality traffic you will not believe it.

    Thank You

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    7search isn't a scam, but their traffic is a bit on the lower quality side in my experiences.
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    It's not just a "bit" on the lower side, it's very low. My guess is that they have a few publishers making big $ by auto-clicking ads through bunches of proxies.

    I've had a bunch of clicks on really strange keywords. These are logtail combinations that I've never seen before from other sources. Clicks appear in groups of 3 to 12 spread out over a couple of hours. Then they're never seen again. To top it off, the ad is clicked despite having little or no relation to the ad copy other than a distant partial match.

    You can fill out a support form for credit, but they aren't too good about answering tickets.

    It's too bad, I did very well with them a few years ago. I can forgive some quality issues because of their low price, but my latest few tries produced very few valid clicks. And the lack of customer service is a deal breaker for me.
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    7Search is a scam, I deposit for 7Search is $50. I spend $9.
    5 Days later my account has been disabled.
    I tried to contact But no answer.

    dont waste your money
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    I had the same problem still waiting for them to re access my account but still no response ..
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    I made a campaign on 7Search in Canada and I was getting clicks from India! They don't answer the support messages at all. I stopped working with their platform.
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    I've had similar experiences to a lot of people above who say that 7Search is a scam. So I'll have to agree with them that 7Search is a scam or extreeeemmmly shady! It doesn't matter how you want to label them, they ain't right.
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