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If my chosen targeted keywords get little monthly traffic should I find thousands of such keywords, or risk using broader keywords?

The niche is copywriting (product is a software) and I'm using bingads, I'm new to ppc, adwords are more expensive and traffic is not much higher.

Any tools for keyword research you suggest perhaps?

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    Dear Jack

    You do not need any paid tools to do keyword research, you can use the keyword planned in google and bing ads and then use the Keyword performance tool in the Bing Ads Inteligence tool to know the search a particular keyword is receiving weather Broad Phrase or Exact.

    I hope this Info Helps You

    Thank You
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      Bing Ads Inteligence tool
      it says Make sure you have Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office and Microsoft Office Excel 2007 - excel isn't cheap I think.

      I haven't tried broad or phrase, I assume I can get more impressions that way, was only trying exact.

      thanks for tips
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        Thank you so much for all the information that has been shared here. There are many that are looking at paid traffic and they think that free traffic does not work.

        I can assure you that free traffic really does work if you are using it in the right way. I mean you using all these free traffic tool in a way that is legit. We have many that are using in the non legit way and they are now thinking that it really does not help which is not a case at all.

        In short all i I am asking is to see if you have tried using the free ways of getting traffic apart from the paid ones that you have been using, I ma not saying that is wrong all I need you to know is that you can also get great traffic through that

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    Google adword is the free tool for find best keywords and keywords ideas for website and PPC traffic.It is very easy to tool.

    Free version of MARKET SAMURAI is also very useful for keywords analysis and get keyword ideas.
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    on the same page as inteligence tool you will get the link for microsoft visual studio as well.
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    First you have to perform comprehensive keywords research for your niche in order to get good amount of traffic for your website/blog. Using low volume keywords would never benefits you to Genrate a handsome of amounts of leads. Please try to choose some higher volume keywords relevant to your niche and which can actually converts.
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    Try SEMrush and get your competitors' data. The other way is, use broad keywords for some time, analyse search term reports of week or month and you will have large number of keywords people are using to search your software or service.
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    Hey Jack,

    A cool free tool is keywordtool.io and allows you to target SE and countries.

    Hope this helps!
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