Bing - why won't my ad direct to my tracking link?

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Hi guys.

So when I was setting up a new campaign, the 2nd step is Ad Groups & Keywords. In this section it says Your Website in which I put my Clickmagick Tracking Link (with /{keywords}/{adgroup}/{adid} inserted at the end).

I THEN at the next step (Create Your Ad), saw another box titled Final URL, so I thought given I already put my tracking link in Your Website, that I could just enter the domain of the offer I'm promoting in Final URL as I thought that is just for display purposes and that if someone clicked my ad it would link to what I put in 'Your Website'.

It seems that is not the case however?

When I went to Campaign Manager to test clicking my Ad it just directed to what I put in 'Final URL' and NOT what I put in 'Your Website' (my Clickmagick Tracking Link).

If I put my Clickmagick Tracking Link in 'Final URL' then it comes up in the Ad texts and just looks stupid obviously.

Any ideas
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    Use Clickmagick link in Final URL. Use website name in Display URL.

    Display is what u see in the results. Final URL is where the user is routed to.
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      There is no such thing as Display URL anymore in Bing. They may have recently updated it?
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    Display URL is still on Bing. Use Text Ads & you should be able to see this field.
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      Kind of slapping myself now. Thanks man. I even spoke to Bing support and they didn't know...

      Shame the character limit is much shorter - I'll have to use expanded ads.

      Now obviously I don't want my Clickmagick tracking link to show up on the Ad so can I arrange to put my domain in 'Final URL' and have my domain forward to my Clickmagick link?

      If so how?

      Thanks so much in advance.
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    You can use a doamin and forward it to your link
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