why people choose google adsense over other ad cpm network

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Google adsense is the best ad cpm network and people earns lot of money from it. besides this people take lots of time to earn handsome money from google adsense. these are the reasons why

Ad cpm:- Google adsense provides handsome ad cpm per click to its publisher, but its ad cpm totally depends on quality of content and on which region the click has been done. sometime you got upto 2-4 usd per click and sometime you only got 0.01 usd per click. Even your website has huge traffic but you only get money when someone click on google ads and you will not feel worthy income for your huge traffic.

Relationship with google and quality of content:- Your earning from google also depends on your relationship with google and quality of your content as much quality content you place more earning and higher ad cpm you will generate. complete your profile, optimize images properly and decrease page load time improves your relationship with google. If your website has duplicate content or it has no uniqueness then your relationship with google will be poor and low ad cpm will be their.

Other marketing and money making methods:- their are now many other methods of monetizing your website besides google adsense and affiliate marketing is one of the famous among them. Affiliate marketing earns you more money then google adsense ad cpm.

besides all these factors why publisher opts for google adsense as a preferred ad network this is because google adsense provides some features to their publishers with the use of which they can optimize their ads and earn high Ad cpm like custom url facility provided by google, they also provides you tool by which you can determine opportunities and estimated ad cpm for your website. Google adsense is the world's biggest ad cpm network and after proper optimization you can earn upto 50usd per click depends on region at which the click is made.

proper way for monetization of website.

use google adsense as your CPC ad preferred network and also use other ad networks compatible with google adsense for proper monetization. Native advertisement like payclick.com that pay for per 1000 impressions is one of the best option to use with google adsense. by using this type of network you can properly monetize your traffic and earns hundreds of dollars for impressions and page views made on your website.
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