What's a typical phone call conversion rate on Adwords?

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Tracking conversions via phone call can be challenging. The Adwords phone ads only register a conversion if someone clicks on the phone number from their mobile phone. In many cases a landing page on a website has a lead/contact forum AND a phone number displayed. The user calling that number would not be registered as a conversion unless you setup multiple virtual forwarding phone numbers for prominent keywords, ad groups and/or campaigns. This can be costly for smaller advertisers.

Has anyone done or know of any empirical data on the average percentage of leads generated via phone call versus online form on a landing page. I know it can vary from business type to business type. More specifically I'm interested in the professional business services industry such as Engineering, Surveying, Commercial Real Estate, Accounting, etc.

So for example if you conversion rate for online form submission on a landing page is 3%, what would be a ballpark estimate for the actual conversion rate including phone calls? 25% more? 50% more? Double. "Ballpark" is the keyword here.
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