Can you target Facebook ads to specific ZIP Codes and how?

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I'm running a Facebook ad for the 1st time. It is for a retail location. I want to be able to target individual ZIP Codes for the ad. It looks like it was possible at one time to do this with Facebook. Is it still possible and if so how do I do it?

Thank you in advance for the help.
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    I just did a Facebook add targeting the two Superbowl cities and I could only target regions, countries, and cities. I attempted to put a zip code just to see how specific I could get and it said No location Found. So unless it changes the answer is no.
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    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the reply. I guess my question should have been how do you target beyond simply doing a radius. I would like to target individual cities as well as a radius, if this is possible. I would definitely like to do something with more specific than a radius.

    I'm just not sure how to set it up to do any other targeting besides a radius.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Yes, we can target audience through zip code as well on Facebook. As we all know that Facebook gives us platform to promote the business worldwide. With the help of their paid advertisement services we can target location as per our requirements. Coming to your question about zip code. Yes, just go to the target option and select 4th option which is zip code and entering the codes where you want to target.
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      Thanks for the reply. For some reason, I don't see any radio buttons under the location section. I'm not really sure why they are not showing.
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    There are few options for targeting in Facebook. The main difference I noticed is, the option which you select from drop-down. For say, people who are in this location and people who lives in this location. The first one target based on location and second one target based on city users have set. And both have very significant difference. How you choose is based on your business. For say, to increase page like you should go with people who live in this location as they are more tends to like your page to get regular updates and discounts.

    Zip option is available in only few countries. You can select city and go with current city only or radius surrounding that. You can select particular road, street or address in that matter instead of city if you want. I have huge experience in Facebook advertising. Let me know if you still have any question. happy to help.
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