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Hello Warriors,
I just have a question that I am really curious about plus I am sure alot of you have experienced this one day through your online career atleast once....buying web traffic! I've noticed there are many website/people/services that tell you hey I will give you 10,000 legit web visitors or hey I will give you 20 sign ups to your offer and you pay them for this....I know most likely all of them are scams or they are pulling some tricks but I would love a CLEAR answer on this. What is the source of the traffic that most of these people are sending? is it just some robots? is it some software ip traffic generator? is it actual real people that work for that person and they just do a fake useless sign up? or is it really their email/clients list who are interested in the offer? and please tell me how to distniguish between a real and a scam...
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  • Anytime you are buying traffic it is a scam. They will send bots to your webpage or view your video, but they will only be on the site for a 1 to 2 seconds which will drive up your bounce rate. This is never helpful because Google will recognize the high bounce rate which will lead them to believe you do not have quality content. Since these are bots, they will add no benefit to your site.

    Similarly, if you see people saying you can buy 10,000 followers for your social media, this is also a scam. They have give you the requested number of followers; however, they will unsubscribe in 1 to 2 days (after you have already paid) because either the site recognizes that they are bots or the scammer is trying to avoid being caught.

    Hope this helps.
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