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At present (and for the last 15 years) I've been very much in the world of SEO / content. Initially I ran affiliate stuff (mainly holiday bookings) but now am almost exclusively Adsense. It pays well - I would say very well, but I'm sure there are a few on here who would make my earnings look like spare change!

Anyways, I'm interested in getting more into affiliate marketing again, particularly via PPC. So, first question - is this still doable for a newbie?

Next question is what is the definitive guide to this. Ideally there's some consensus on this, and please not too much plugging of offers.

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    Google Adsense pays well, very well actually. I know people who make more than $5000 a day with just Adsense.

    But it's not safe. As your earnings increase, you may get your Adsense account banned.

    But when it comes to affiliate marketing , If you got banned from an affiliate program you can always find an alternative.

    However, sense you're used to working with SEO and content. your affiliate earnings won't be enough.

    SEO is hard to scale, but paid traffic is easily scalable. So, invest some money into promoting your affiliate offers, or better yet, build a list and promote on the back-end.

    Good luck
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    Affiliate Marketing via PPC is not only doable, it's highly lucrative if you get it right!

    Not sure about guides tho. Personally I just try a lot of different ads and keywords and when I find what works, I try to scale that. It might take a bit of time, but if you can just be patient then it you should be able to get into profit.

    I would start with Adwords and make sure that this works really well first with good numbers, and then I move the optimized campaign to Bing and scale that way too.
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