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newbie question here. my affiliate manager recommended an offer that pays $3 per lead the epc is $0.80 and the cpc for all my keywords are over $1. Is this normal? Should I still start this campaign and look for keywords that are have a conversion rate of 34%+ ? and keep optimizing until that point? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi there,

    Is that your actual CPC? and which ad network? If it's Adwords and that's the google recommended cpc, then you can always bid lower than they recommend. If they're recommending $1, I would suspect you can skim some cheap clicks for under $0.80. There's also the display network which would have a lower cpc.

    A conversion rate of 34% would be difficult (although I'm not sure what it is you're offering. If it's a free enticing e-book and all you're getting is an email then it could be possible). If you're set on that product I would look for other traffic sources which would have a lower cpc like potentially bing ads, facebook ads, organic search traffic etc.

    Good luck!
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