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Hi all,
I noticed that in statistics section of many CPA campaign, it has Statistics by OS and Statistics by Browsers. I don't know what such info is for and how can I make use of that.
Can anyone here help me explain this?
Many thanks
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    interesting thought... I'd say it's primarily based on knowing what devices your traffic is primary coming from and optimising the landing experience for them based on their OS and Browsers.

    What industry are you in Paul? might be able to give some better insight if we get a little background
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    What is confusing about it? It is statistics based on what OS or what browser users are using.

    You might find that users using Android or iOS are not converting well and might want to avoid targeting them or figure out what you can improve so they convert better.

    Same for browsers. Maybe your conversions for Firefox are dreadful. That might tell you that there is a layout or functionality problem for users using Firefox.

    It's not that complicated.
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    These stats can tell you where your traffic is converting the least. This should persuade you to identify the reason.
    • Is the usability on non-performing OS fine skewed?
    • Is landing page loading properly?
    • Is the contact form or Add to Cart option working fine for non-performing browser or OS?

    This can help you uncover many technical problems in your website, which can further help you optimize your PPC campaigns for efficient return on investments. Makes sense?
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