Please Help Me With Custom Affinity Task

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Hi Guys,

An agency has set me a task and i require some help, if anyone is willing...

Basically, i have a company that specialises in different screening techniques and i have to set up 3 campaigns for different areas of their business.

Campaign 1 concerns a program that consists of two types, the first type has 15+ specialist chemical names and the second type has 7 specialist names that can each be described using 5-10 different specialist chemical names..

Campaign 2 concerns one specialist name that can be described using 2 specialist chemical names but is part of a greater program..

Campaign 3 concerns a full program similar to Campaign 1 that also has additional apparatus for sale

I have been asked to set up the 3 campaigns and to make suggestions on the various types of custom affinity audiences that you would target for each of the three areas noted above.

So... Im thinking to do a presentation on power point and also build my adwords campaign in a fashion that allows me to give it over / provide privileges to the assessor..

With regards to targeting audiences.. does anyone have any suggestions on what the agency is looking for in particular?

How many Ads / Ad Groups do you think i should use for each campaign? Will too many look bad?

Should i focus on targeting Worldwide as they are worldwide? if worldwide do you have suggestions on language attributes? perhaps just target english with each campaign and then suggest different campaigns for each targeted language?
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