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I've just started playing around with Bing Ads. I haven't used PPC for a while but have previously managed to spank a fair bit of money through FB and AdWords.

So, I figured I wouldn't have a problem getting a Bing campaign up and running.

Everything looks OK. All my KWs have eligible and a green dot. I have set the daily budget to £25 ($30) and thought the clicks were around what was recommended to get a reasonable position.
However, I'm getting no impressions.

I've tried upping the bids and changing that over to Enhanced CPC. I've also set accelerated for daily budget. Still nothing.

If I dig a bit I find "Limited by budget". Obviously I have a pretty modest budget but I wasn't aware I was in a highly competitive niche and some of my KWs are pretty long tail (and above what the Adwords KW tool is recommending per click)

Pretty stumped really. I could understand it if it burnt through my budget in 5 minutes, but this is the opposite problem?!

Any ideas?
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    What are the quality scores on your keywords?

    How many are you attempting to target, and how are they divided amongst ad groups?

    What match type(s) are you using?
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      Quality scores aren't showing yet. I did run them through the KW tool and they had reasonable traffic...

      I have 7 active KWS in a single ad group.
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    It seems to have started working by itself. Don't know what the original issue was...
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    What vertical is your business in?

    Did you check what are the bids like for the set of keywords you've included?

    $30 might not be enough for your campaigns for getting eligible in auctions. Chances could also be high that searches for the targeted keywords are not very high; with budget constraints included, chances for your keywords to be eligible for an auction reduces.

    $30/day budget translated to $900/month. Maybe try with $100/day for a day or two, to test the waters and see if keywords gain traction on impressions. This will confirm if it's really the budget hindering your keywords to appear in auctions.

    Invite someone to peek into your account and share a custom tailored analysis/recommendations for your account.
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    Easy, Increase your daily budget. You will be limited by Bing if it's set too low and you won't see traffic or very little traffic.

    If you have it set to $30, raise it to $50 and if you don't see any at $50 raise it to $100/day. Not saying you WILL hit that but it will allow you to get some traffic.

    Just make sure to monitor your campaigns so if you are hard struck at $30 a day stop it around $25 dollars ad spend, because the pause isn't instant.

    Bing Ads Mastery Training Program

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