Having trouble converting with Facebook PPC traffic

by brandonwrites15 9 replies
So I have spent around $100 trialing different FB ads - my average PPC rate is around .15 cents focusing only US traffic, but for whatever reason I am seeing little to no results with conversions.

For instance one of my most successful ads is a free-signup page with a rate of .12 PPC, I ran this ad until it gave me 150 clicks and I received a total of 10 post likes, multiple shares, but only 3 signups? And this is just CPA offers, when it comes to actually selling something I have had absolutely no luck, even if the ad would have converted as a post from a random to the same audience.

I have tweaked landing pages/audiences/ads/items/styles/etc many times yet something doesn't add up with my Facebook ad experience. Is there some big secret I'm missing to convert the Facebook audience? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you
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    how experience you have on Facebook ppc? did you see what your competitors do? how they convert?
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    • I only have what I got out of that $100 of trialing (many different $5 ads) however I had decent experience with search engine ads such as adwords/bing.

      Is there a way to search competitor ads on facebook? I am advertising a lower gravity CB product, would there be competitor ads?

      Thank you for the reply
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  • You are doing a different kind of advertising on Facebook than you are with Adwords or Bing. They are not searching for you on Facebook so are at the beginning of the buying cycle. They may not have any intention of buying, they just clicked out of curiosity. Getting 3 conversions out of 150 is a 2% rate. This is early (not significant data) but what is your conversion rate on search?
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    This could also be because your target audience of your vertical is not making decisions on FB. What I'm trying to say is an eCommerce store do have a presence of their target audience on FB though, same is not true for some Oil exploration company.

    Due to this, FB might not turn out as a fruitful platform. Data collected with $100 might not be enough for investigation and you might need more of it, to reach a conclusion.

    Did you also compare the performance of $100 worth of FB adverts data with Google AdWords or Bing or any other platform you might be advertising on? How does the conversion rate look like in there? Is it comparable?

    Did you also optimize your campaigns, during the run to ensure that performance doesn't scale up? Optimization like expanding or narrowing targeting.

    You really need an exhaustive analysis to reach a conclusion.
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      I would suggest you (and anyone) to try Adwords before trying Facebook.

      Most people prefer Facebook because it is cheaper (for most niches) compared to Google Adwords. However, the conversion ratio is a lot lower in Facebook that you end up paying more for each customer.

      If you have a new brand trying to build reputation and you have a specific audience, yes facebook might be better than Adwords.

      If you are looking for direct results (people actually searching and ready to buy) Google Adwords or Bing Adcentre should be your preference.
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    I'd have to see the offer and landing page to be able to help you further, but it sounds like you're offering something that isn't resonating well with your target audience. The secret to FB ads is this: Target a specific audience and give a fantastic piece of "bait" that's relevant to them. Utilize a sales funnel to keep control of what the audience members do.
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    Originally Posted by brandonwrites15 View Post

    So I have spent around $100 trialing different FB ads - my average PPC rate is around .15 cents focusing only US traffic, but for whatever reason I am seeing little to no results with conversions.
    I would try a different PPC platform such as Adwords and BING to run a split test, as clearly FB just isn't really converting in this case which CAN happen depending on the product.

    As a general rule of thumb though, FB is display/interruption based marketing which tends to have a lower click quality compared to a customer intentionally searching for the keywords in a search bar.

    Hope that helps

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    sometimes people come to facebook because for the other things maybe. then suddenly they see your ad which give them curiosity but they are not totally interested. so my advice is just transfer to search engine ad like google or bing, because people are searching and see your ad. it has high percentage people are interested because they are searching for it.
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